Reds Switch Rod Casting Lessons

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by cmann886, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Just got home after spending half a day with Craig at Reds trying to improve my switch casting. I still need to practice more but I reached my goal ---my previous best cast in now an average cast and I am now able to cast the Scandi line better than I previously cast a Skagit---despite spending a lot of time practicing and watching video, I am much better than before taking the class. I didn't know that my 5wt switch could throw so much line with so little effort. My 7 wt. may go on the auction block---

    Craig also let us cast his Sage one in a 5 wt and his Redington prospector in a 4 wt. both were a dream to cast.

    Thanks again Craig I appreciate the lessons and the visiting. I tried the slot that you recommended on my way home but it had been hammered so much during the day that I only got one hit that I missed, but was able to fish water I could never reach before.
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    Craig, fun and fishy dude.
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    Awesome man. When there will be another session of lessons?
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    Check out the calendar on Red's website. They have several this year.