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  1. I realize the best way to do this is to line your rod and balance it with your fingers on tour natural grip point, but hypothetically speaking if you didn't have this luxury... Is there some kind of general rule of thumb of rod weight to reel weight ratio?

    Rod weighs 6.5oz is 12ft6inch
    It's a 7wt so going to be throwing 450-525grains on it (if that matters).

    Roughly what Oz reel should I be looking at?

    This is spey rod. No its not a deathstar
  2. Do people really care about this? There's so many factors at play while fishing that "balancing" on your finger doesn't tell you shit. I've used reels in a very wide weight range on my rods, and never seem to notice much of a difference while fishing.
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  3. Not sure. I've always had a similar thought process as you (also why I don't care about balancing it on my fingers), but then again I've never had anything nicer than a $50 spey reel.
    Now that I'm upgrading I figure I'd at least try to find a weight range of reels to look at as a starting point.

    I was going to ask this on spey pages but I'd probably be crucified for not buying a $300 click pawl that's custom fit to balance on my custom cork handle
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  4. On speys, I understand the argument a little more. Single handers, I don't get it. On speys, it can be tiring to hold the tip section up while swinging, so something heavier can be desirable. Just keep in mind you have line out in the river, and the current pulling on the tip. So there's a lot of factors that go in to "balance."

    That said, my spey reels are pretty damn light, and I've never had an issue.
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  5. Genius
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  6. I agree with Evan that it matters little on a single hander, but a spey rod is a different animal. I don't have a rule of thumb, but I would strap the reel on your rod before buying. You'll know if the rod is going to be tip heavy. I would also let your fly shop know and they should steer you in the right direction.
  7. That seems like a light spey rod, like Method light..

    I've cast an under-balanced single hander with with a super lighter reel and it is pretty uncomfortable.
  8. Magma

  9. Red is a good color for summer runs on the Reiter Pond.
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  10. Looking for a red reel to match
  11. did you find one for a decent price on spey pages? lurkin' dem classifieds 24/7
  12. 600 but I might buy new.
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  14. Yea the 4k one comes in red too now and is much cheaper.

    I think I'll just spray paint my $50 reel #fashionshow
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  16. Yea I've read most of what's out there. Spoke with Steve Godshall as well. Before talking to him I was set on the 6126 but now I'm onto the 7126. He flexed them and ran his algorithm against the tcx 7126. The method is much more true to the weights than the tcx's. He had the 6126 dialed in at 392 Scandinavian 432 skagit to put it in perspective...with the 7126 roughly +60 to those windows
  17. My guess is any reel between say 7-11 oz out of the box will be fine on that rod.

    As already mentioned, swinging provides a different balance than just holding in hand.

    I recently bought a new spey rod and threw on a reel I thought would work. Balancing on a finger in the house the reel was way too heavy and the tip pointing towards the ceiling. I thought I needed a lighter reel.

    Wanting to cast the new rod, I went fishing with the "too heavy" reel and once I pulled line off and had pull from the river the balance completely changed. Suddenly I realized the reel was actually on the light side as the tip was buried in the water.

    Any of those "80" sage reels will balance... 2080, 4280 et al if you want something modern.
  18. Agree with G44's comment above; Steve's got just about every 2 hander ever built 'dialed in' as to what it needs to properly cast/fish. The other thing he will factor in (with your first call to him be prepared for a long conversation) is your 'casting style' as this will impact how many grains you'll get in the line. I tend to 'hammer' my forward casts on all but the lightest 2 handers (rods just won't allow you to go there) so you/I have the same rod but because of my 'style' my line may well be 30-40 grains lighter.
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  19. Should have added if the same grains it probably will be a tad longer. As for my preference for reel balance (95% of my fishing is with a 2ander) just add the backing and skip the line as most of that's going to out the rod tip anyway when you're fishing. Preference is to balance the rod at the top handle hand placement slightly tip up. Even more so when you get to 13' and up (7 wt and up) rod in your hand. That's a lot of 'plastic' to counter balance and it takes a heavy reel (and/or lead tape) to pull that off.

    Looking at a photo (different web board) this AM and fellow was actually holding his rod above the cork .... and he had one darned big reel on the thing. But it would appear that's where the 'balance point' ended up.
  20. You should get that rod setup by June so we can go practice casting on the Sky.
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