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  1. Fly fishermen always forget about the fish's feeling and that is a shame. You should ALWAYS consider their emotions. If you catch a fish using ugly gear like a beat-up old reel, the fish will be horribly embarrassed and its self esteem will tumble. I try to always fish with tasteful gear in pleasing colors so the fish is not humiliated as I release it. They seem to pose for more photos that way too; they generally seem to enjoy the photography process when they can pose alongside a reel in a nice color. Do not forget this. This is science. This is basic ichthyology.

    For instance, I'd never use a silver reel in the fall. Note how my bronze Torque perfectly suits the fall colors and the cutthroat posing alongside. The red reel with the Mexican dorado was used because I was releasing everything that day and red is a cautionary color that means "stop!" As in, "STOP fish! Learn from this!" I know the fish appreciated the lesson.

    Finally, note the green Torque and the matching garb I used on the dinner-grilled-to-perfection mahimahi. That fish gave its life to load my muscles with quality protein. There is NO WAY I would disrespect it by using an ugly reel or one in a grossly inappropriate color for the situation.

    I repeat. This is science. This is basic ichthyology. Respect thy prey and they prey will respect you. Fallcutt.jpg mahimahi.jpg mahidinner.jpg
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  2. There are a lot of myths in fly fishing. If you believed all you were told you would probably of given it all up and stuck to gear and spinners.
  3. Those fish-skin's are old school. Here's a picture of my new Stealth reel.
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  4. Wow! That is amazing. I've ever seen anything like it.

  5. who cares if it may "spook" a fish or two. The most important thing about fly fishing is looking cool. I have a blue redington drift reel that just looks awesome! I also enjoy gold reels!
  6. I'm sure it matters in some cases. I did a similar "self test" with clear intermediate line. At one particular lake it mattered, on another it didn't.

    I didn't think it was a silly question. As far as the shirt goes, I had similar results with trout and steelies. Both however, were on smaller streams like yours. On bigger rivers and lakes, not so much.

    What I think is interesting, is the amount of feedback (one way or the other) if you indeed haven't spent considerable time exploring what works and doesn't, like you did Stewart. Even then, it may just be one river, stream, or pond, that it makes a difference on. Yet when it does, it makes a big difference. To some (like me) it's worth it. To others, they don't care to find out, thus making a general statement one way or the the other, rather than just say, "Hmm, not sure." But I guess that may makes some feel stupid or something - which is just silly. If you don't care, you don't care, nothing wrong with that.
  7. I usually use something like this one.
    This reel has been getting it done for close to 100 years. It has attained a nice shiny "patina" by now, like a lot of others I have.
    As has been said before; "frankly my dear, the fish don't give a damn!".

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  8. Notice how the fish in Greg's picture just can't take his eyes off that beautiful red agate.
    Obviously a fish with class!
  9. All of my reels have a custom mirror finish in bright silver. I took my
    clue from the salmon fishers and Lure Jensen's Dodger. Besides that
    I can use it to blind other fishers that are more successful than I am.
    I get depressed watching other people catch fish when I am not.
  10. Is that a little self promotion I hear there? :p
  11. Your sure are in rare form today, Charlie.
  12. Thanks Jim. The laxative worked.

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