reel for bamboo rod?

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    A word of warning for those of you considering catching the "Bamboo Bug". A few years ago I caught "IT", now I have several rods that I have refurbished or just collected. Then I spent a fair sum to start building rods for myself and friends. If you see a "Curlew Cane" rod out there it is one of mine. Needless to say I am hooked. There is just something about the Karma of a Bamboo rod.
    As for a reel I found that for a display rod I use an old South Bend Finalist, they are a deep red and really set off a Bamboo Rod. For fishing Bamboo I like a bright reel, gold or silver. Teton or Redington are good looking and perform well too.
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    old Pflueger Medalist(old Pflueger, not current made in China Pflueger).

    Hardy, any Hardy model. Or, alternatively, an old SA System reel that was made by Hardy (more affordable than the comparable Hardy, but performs the same function just as well. A rose by any other name . . . )

    And, finally, an Orvis CFO. Classic, quality click/pawl design similar to the Hardy.

  3. Kent Lufkin

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    Richard's right about older SA reels being made by Hardy. The SA System models were later marketed by Hardy as their Marquis line. The only difference between them was most of the SA's had a single click pawl while the Marquis usually have two. The spools are interchangeable between the two.

    The SA 130 and 140 series sell regularly on eBay for $35-$45 while the almost identical Hardy Viscount 130 and 140 sell for $100 or more. I guess the Hardy name has more sex appeal than Scientific Anglers'.

    Good call on the Orvis CFO. For years the click pawl versions were also made by Hardy but more recently with the introduction of disc drag models, by another British company. Even beat up vintage CFOs command hefty prices while minty ones regularly sell for $300 or more.

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    Wow!!! :eek: I guess I have a lot of thinkin to do about what i want to spend and what i want in a look. Thanks a lot to everyone who replied (some multiple times) I'll post a pic when i make my descion.