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  1. I use several reels for steelies and on none of them do I set the drag any tighter that just to prevent over-run. This year, I'm fishing primarily with a Young Beaudex. Great reel...I'm really starting to enjoy reels without a rim control more and more. IMO, it helps me feel more connected to the fish (a combination of shorter glass rods plus that Beaudex). I also recently picked up a Valentine 95 (basically a Medalist on steroids) for both steelhead and any saltwater stuff that a 8/9wt is required. The one other reel that I really enjoy is a Hardy St. Aiden clone...there are multiple companies that put these out, mine is a Daiwa. Great reel and one of the loudest that I've ever heard. Last year I used a Hardy Marquis but ended up selling it off as it was redundant and I liked the other reels better (yes, even the Daiwa).
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  2. Steelhead rise better to Hardys.

    Bamboo too.
  3. Cool. I have been considering fishing a glass one hander. My shoulder have really improved recently and the idea of fishing one handed more is appealing. I can't see giving up the double to fish tips in the winter too much, but really need to do it for dry line fish. There is a smaller stream that I'd like to fish with glass for summer fish. Additionally, I could see using it on a couple of the smaller streams I fish in the fall.

    My shoulders have been bad for so longI have essentially given up trout fishing etc. I could see using it on smaller peices to ease myself back into casting single handers. You gotta love how you can feel a glass rod load. Landing fish is also a joy, as I recall.

    What other things do you like about steelheading with a single hand glass rod? What parts do you dislike?

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  4. not to take too much away from this thread, but I think you nailed it already on the reasons I like it. Feeling the load, landing fish, plus just the overall fight I enjoy much better. I just feel more relaxed. Plus, I feel like I can land fish much much quicker because you have more leverage & you're fighting the fish with the entire rod. As far as it being tough on the shoulders, I can see thing that I do towards the end of the day when I'm starting to get tired, is just cast two-handed. With the lines that they're coming out with now for SH rods (i.e. Ambush, etc.), they allow you to spey cast all day long with ease. I think the only downside is that my range is limited, but it's not too much of a downside because it forces you to focus on smaller pieces of water (even on larger rivers) & pick up fish from smaller spots that you may have overlooked...I don't really consider the lack of throwing tips a downside because I don't like doing that regardless of the type of rod I'm throwing.
  5. Thanks Randall. I need to build the glass blank that I have for next fall.

    Last year I fished with a couple of Canadians who were atlantic salmon fishermen and had only fished steelhead a bit. They fished singles w/ JW Youngs where everyone was swinging double handers. They did quite well. It looked like a hoot.

    Do you have a fighting but on your glass road to 2-hand easier. I've thought it may be easier to teach 2-handed casting to my daughters than single, but maybe I could do both w/ a 9 foot 8 wt glass w/ a butt.

    It sure is nice to have a flyfishing conversation here :).

    Go Sox,
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  6. I built an angler's roost 9'6'' 7/8 bamboo rod for fall steelhead. It's a blast. I'd highly recommend it.
  7. Do you have a pic of that bad boy?
  8. You'll notice that there is a wrap of tape above the cork. I got impatient waiting for my cork to drop-ship from Portugal and put a temporary handle, on because I wanted to fish it.

    That fish took about half my backing. Oh yeah--getting the thread back on track. The reel was a St Aiden knock off (3 3/4''). I have another reel same size that fits a 400gr Skagit and 150 yds. of backing.

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  9. DD, nice pics. I learned with an old bamboo rod and now considering building something along those lines.
  10. Velocity 4 for $149.99 and Litespeed 4 for $195.99 @, Gear Cache. Crazy prices. Just picked up a couple myself.
  11. +1 for Speyco.
    Handmade in Green Bay, WI by guy that has been swinging flies for 20 years. Click & pawl with a lifetime, transferable guarantee. Rock solid reels. Can't beat 'em. Many options are available for your customization. You will pay more than $150, however.

    I just ordered a Skandi model in silver/black with the snake roll handle to pair up with my TCX 7112. It should be here in about a week. ;)
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  12. I have a Ross CLA 5 for sale in the classifieds. Unused with backing and running line. The CLA is a solid, no frills reel with a legion of followers. Good bang for the buck.
  13. I have the Daiwa (720, I believe) badged version of that. Solid reel for very little coin (I think I paid $40 for mine or something along those lines). It has a pretty large capacity with a very solid check.
  14. I have an olympic and roddy badged verson. I think each one has been right around $40 shipped. I did have a pawl shatter on the roddy, after multiple LARGE Chinook ate my steelhead flies. I'd like to see if I can find some replcement guts from a st aiden.

  15. Hardy is moving all of their reel production back to the UK in the next few months.
  16. X2, at these prices they're cheaper than a Konic or Guru; though I prefer the 3.5 for sub-12' rod. Have 8 or 9 Lamsons and all dead-ass sturdy and service is the best. Hardys are nice but way too much $$$$ for what they are, the old Young, Beadrueax or similar click/pawls are much better value.
  17. Buy the CLA 5 in the classified forum for cheap.
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  18. second for speyco. made by one dude in the us of a. completely bulletproof.
    disc drag reels for steelhead are kind of gay. i mean really, what are you going to do with your other hand anyway? :eek:
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  19. The man behind Speyco is a purr artist!
    His reels ought to be sold in a museum gift shop. :)

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