Reel Seat "butt caps"!!!!

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Golden Trout, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Golden Trout Active Member

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    I have built some rods but have always had problems with metal butt caps. That is, keeping them on! Do you guys use a different epoxy for the butt cap that for the cork grip and reel seat?
  2. Mike Monsos AKA flyman219

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    I have had good luck with the slow cure (24 hour) Rod Bond U40 for both the reel seat, grip and butt caps. I rough up the contact surface of the butt cap and I also file a couple of small slight grooves with a very small triangle file in the reel seat under the butt cap to add a bit of bite for the epoxy. So far ithey have been holding up well with my 4, 5 and 6 wt rods.

  3. Idaho steel Active Member

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    As Mike noted, rough up the metal with fine sandpaper. For that matter, I rough up the blank a bit before putting on the cork. I also clean everything with denatured alcohol before gluing them up.--AJ
  4. Jim Darden Active Member

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    Here's a thought.....I put them on with ferrule cement so I can take them off in the future if I need to. Of course, they may not make ferrule cement any more so that could be a problem. I recently pulled a cap off that had been there since '68, it seems like pretty good stuff to me. I use it for the reel seat too.