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    Had this idea that if I bought a really good reel and several spare spools and lines I'd be ready for anything on each outing. Something well made, strong,, April '04 it was the Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock II in Titanium finish. Holds line weights 2-5, infinitely adjustable, super smooth off-set disk drag and only 3.6 ounces. Made in England no less.
    Well; used it a few times on a 4wt. TLS; never banged or knocked or rubbed it against anything. Always wiped it down after every use. Never did use the full-sink or sink-tip lines.

    I like the BBS III in black that I have better so, if you'd like this one (reel $129 and 3 spools $65ea) for $225, you're welcome to it.