Reels.....Best bang for the buck!

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by DBLTAPER, Feb 11, 2010.

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    no, I mean digoxin, the heart drug. Synthetic digitalis, aka foxglove.

    I don't remember having any groovy sex dreams tho...I just felt like I was about to throw up for about two weeks straight... decidedly unsexy...but since it's a competetive nicotinic receptor agonist, side effects etc will be widely, widely variable. Maybe Wadin' Boot could clarify more, not in my training to elaborate. I'd just look the fool (more) :clown:

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    Not to worry SS ..... I'm still lost on how this thread got off track.
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    Fred, Doesn't matter if it's off track. The OP has started 9 threads and hasn't replied to any of the questions. Makes me think he is not completely up front.
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    Loop Evotec LW 8eleven retails for $495 US. This reel is 2/3 the cost of Tibor, and Able.

    Best bang for the buck in my opinion.
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    Opinions are fine, but clearly can lack objectivity. But how in the world is a $500 reel the "best bang for the buck" by any objective measure?

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    good lawd! 500 bucks for a reel....yowie...

    I fish and am impressed with my TFO 9/11 prism CLA...retails for 99 bucks. Good drag...and it just plain works.

    Might not be fancy schmancy, but gets the job done efficiently.

    Less money on reel equals one more fishing trip and maybe a cube o beer or two!:thumb::beer1:
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    I don't own or fish a medalist (any more at least), but will put a solid vote down for that. As has been stated, there are better reels out there... But this isn't a thread about "best reels ever," it's about "bang for buck." And there's not a goddamn reel out there that is a better value. I have a good buddy just getting in to fly fishing, and is collecting his first set of gear. I told him he's a damned fool if he bought anything but a medalist until he has been fishing long enough to know why he's spending more money on something else.

    And I have an Allen & Co XL on its way. I'll post my thoughts on that once I get to take it for a trip or two. I'm getting it to decide if it's a better fit for me than my Konic, which just isn't a good fit on my new Guideline Le Cie 6wt.

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    Meadalist is deffinatley a great deal for the price. Lamson makes great reels for the money. The CLA is also a great reel for a little more. There is one for sale on the classifiedes right now. Dave
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    For my money it is Vosseler. Have 6 now and repalceing other reels with them