Refreshing the chironomid box.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mike Ediger, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Spent a few nights last week refreshing the chironomid box. Some are new patterns I have seen on here recently, some are old faithfuls and some are experiments. My thought was tie some with beads for water deeper than 3-4 feet then some without beads but soft gills for shallower clearer presentations. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391845064.723942.jpg

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  2. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    I should also say there are several people on here who have answered questions and given me ideas and patterns for which I am very much appreciative. People like Blue, Troutpocket, Irafly, and others. Now I actually need to get out this spring and give a few of these a try.

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  3. Freestone

    Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

    Great chironomid box, Mike! All those in just a couple of night? Very impressive!
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  4. Michael v.d.Bogert

    Michael v.d.Bogert Active Member

    Mike these are looking great. Must be a pleasure filling the fly box with these flies.
    What hook sizes do you prefer?

    Other Mike
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  5. jwg

    jwg Active Member

    Curious to know which ones are the old faithfuls? I have lots of chironomids in my boxes but actually fish few. Some of the standard patterns have not worked for me.

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  6. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Thanks Freestone. Most of these only have 2-3 materials and can literally be tied in 2-3 minutes, so it isn't really that impressive.:)
  7. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Mostly 12-14.
    In that pic is some 12 #135 Dai-Riki scud/pupa, 13 Alec Jackson's (which are cool), #730 Dai-Ridi Nymph Hooks for the straight shank ties, and 14 curved #1273 red Daiichi hooks.
  8. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    JWG, you are right, I generally only use black/holo-silver, chromie, and blood worm, those are really my old-faithfuls. I have honestly never messed around with other colors much.
    First row on the left are ASB (anti-static bag) pupa which I have never tried before.
    Second row are various version of blood worm, none of which I have tried before. (group closest is tied with red pheasant tail fibers).
    Third row farthest away are Chromies, which is my second most productive chironomid, which I think is a Rowley or Chan fly. Closest on the third row is a little fly that Ira showed a few days ago on another thread. I am sure i didn't copy the pattern exactly, but literally takes minutes to tie and is very clean. I can't wait to try it in shallow clear water this spring.
    Farthest row on the right and closest is some more red phesant tail experiments, middle is my old-faithful which is simply black/holo-silver (single best chironomid ever that JMills showed me a long time ago), and then finally a couple of brassies.
    I have more colors that I am working on but this was a start.
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  9. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    By the way if anyone else wants to share a pic of their Old Faithful, I will add it to my collection as well

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  10. jwg

    jwg Active Member

    My old faithful has a white bead, peacock herl thorax, and abdomen varies, on 12 or 14 scud hook.
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  11. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    I used to put a peacock herl for thorax on every one and still do on a few, but in my attempt to simplify tying I left that out on some of these. We will see if it makes any difference. Not sure I catch enough fish to figure it out either way.

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  12. Kaiserman

    Kaiserman content

    Mike, other than the ABS, are you using just black thread for the abdomens?

    If so, is it 6/0 or 8/0?
  13. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Kaiserman, check your posts for typos... you had me running around trying to find out what the newest material ABS is. I thought I was losing it. Then..... things clicked. Please do not mess with my mind.
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  14. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Yeah only two in the pic are thread or peacock herl. 8/0 allows for smoother transition but takes longer and more wraps. Not sure it matters much.

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  15. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    The ABS (anti-lock braking system) midge pupa is for fishing lite-lines for big fish! A very important fly that should never be confused with the ASB (anti-static bag) midge pupa for targeting triploids or other techy fish.

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  16. Olive bugger

    Olive bugger Active Member

    I just love those techy fish.

    Are bluegills considered techy?
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  17. Blake Harmon

    Blake Harmon Active Member

    Good looking box Mike! Get that boat of yours ready for a crazy spring! Its gonna be good.
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  18. Old406Kid

    Old406Kid Active Member

    Thanks for motivating (actually guilting) me to get my butt in gear.
    I figure it's that or anchor up between you and Kaiserman and beg.:D
    Seems lately that most of my tying has been at midnight the night before.
  19. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Not sure I feel comfortable racially profiling one particular species in that manner.

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  20. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Won't need to beg Kid! My tying has been late night as well.

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