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  1. Got the registration done today for the pontoon boat ,now to put the numbers on, any pictures on how you did it. I was thinking of using some thin plexiglass to put the numbers on ,and attaching to the frame with zip ties. Thanks for any ideas on how you would do it .
  2. Are you planning on putting a motor on it? I'm wondering because below a certain HP, you're not required to have it registered.
  3. Alex if memory serves me right he's outta state.
  4. Years ago, I cam up with 2 very thin but strong and flexible pieces of plastic perfect for attaching numbers when I had an inflatable dinghy. Work perfect. I may have picked them up at West Marine or someplace similar. They attached with zip ties. Check with West and places that sell Avon and Zodiac boats.
  5. Vinyl Siding. It is flexible, WHITE. I used plexiglass, but had to paint the back red because I used black letters and numbers. I mounted them to my side bags, because it was too low off the frame.
    I am not familiar with WA rules, but here and ID. any time you put any kind of motor on a tube or tune, you have to license them and invasive species certificate.
  6. Here is what I did: First, I had a fixed area of 20" and the letters you buy at West or other places will not fit. I had them made up online for about $20 total, including shipping. DIY letters or something like that. We maintained the 3" required height but got everything including the reg sticker in an 18" area. The vinyl letters from West plus the reg would have been 27".

    I mounted them on a 4" x 20" poplar veneer from Depot ($4.00), stained mahogany, and covered with 6-8 coats of urethane. If you don't have pockets, zip ties would work fine.


  7. Here in Utah any watercraft with a motor has to be registered .
  8. Being from Utah, and wanting to fish Idaho last week, I registered my boat for Utah, needing to anyway, but going thru the check station outside Malad ,ID they were not interested in whether I was registered in Utah or not. I had my registration ,and stickers ,but had yet to mount on the pontoon, but they did not want to see it. They were checking for invasive species. They didn't know if I had to have a registered boat to fish in Idaho being from out of state, they did mention something about length , I believe anything under 10 foot did not need registration, they did not seem to know a lot about it. Maybe you could clear it up. Anyway continued on my way, and fished Daniels . Thanks for the help
  9. The law is, anything under 10 feet does not need license, or Invasive species sticker, BUT, if you add a motor on anything, including a float tube, Utah requires you license and Idaho requires Invasive sticker. If you live in Utah, you don't need to register your boat, tube or toon in Idaho and vise versa. Just Idaho requires that sticker on all motorized craft and any boat Over 10'. Does that make sense?
    That check point in Malad is ONLY invasive inspection. Plus, keep your paper work they give you, then just show it to them every time you go up. Saves them time.
  10. Question, is it "any motor" or is it combustible? Wondered how they regulate that.
  11. Any motor. Electric or gas. I imagine if you could get a weed wacker or drill to move you, that would classify also...:)
  12. Only reason I ask, WA has changed meanings a few times. Then reclarified, etc.
  13. We did not get any invasive stickers, but I do have a motor on it, and it is 9 foot, correct me If I am wrong,but it sounds like from you I need the invasive sticker having a motor on it regardless of length . The two at the check station seemed a little confused on this . Thanks

  14. It says "The new law requires boaters, both motorized vessels and non, to contribute to the Idaho Invasive Species Fund." "Inflatable, non-motorized vessels must be less than 10 feet in length to be exempted from this requirement. As I said, even if you put a motor on a float tube, you are now required to buy an Invasive Species sticker, and you are required to license it in Utah. If you live in Idaho, the Invasive sticker is included in the price of registering any motorized craft and there is no sticker.
  15. I got it right now, I need the invasive sticker in Idaho regardless of length of watercraft if it has a motor. took me awhile, old age I guess. Next time thru I will have to set them straight ,and get the sticker . Thanks again.
  16. Invasive Species? Is that addressing certain aquatic creatures, or is it targeted to we Californians that so like to fish your waters? ;-)

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