Remembering Doug

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by miyawaki, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Yesterday on the Cut, friends met together to remember Doug Rose - author, guide, musician, husband, champion of the river, and missed sorely.


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    It was a good time to share stories of a great man. More than 50 of us were there, gathered near some of Doug's favorite water.

    Doug shared the news of his cancer in his last blog entry, posted February 6, and he closed that entry with the words, "I am a lucky man." His ability to feel that way, in spite of his diagnosis, sums up his life. He was humble, and grateful that he was able to experience the marvels of the world with good friends. His passing leaves a void.

    Doug's ashes were scattered in the water there at "the Cut," so if you go there to cast for cutts, give him a word of greeting and thanks.
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    Lots of people shared stories of Doug throughout the day, and I kept thinking of how many lives this great guy touched during his too-short lifetime. I don't believe that Doug wasted a day on this planet.

    Doug's blog and website will stay up -- and they're wonderful reads, as are his books. Check them out -- and buy them if you haven't already. Each one is a bargain in terms of good writing, thoughts and information.
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    I was impressed (but not surprised) to see so many folks at the gathering for Doug Rose. Many folks expressed their memories of Doug as a friend, mentor, and influential writer. The common thread was Doug's humor, lack of pretension, and wide world view. He will be missed and remembered.