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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by reamse, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I know I entered too late, but can Istill join?
    nick asw
  2. I don't have a problem with that at all!

    We need some more tiers for sure.

    I'll extend it for sept 25th to get flies in so everyone has a chance.

    3 flies, with significance!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. I'f there is still room/time, I'd like to participate.

  4. Yeah no problem Sark.

    You're in. We'll keep it at 3 flies for now, but if we keep getting people added we might have to drop it down to 2 or extend the deadline some more.
  5. Well my first fish was caught on a prince nymph in the provo river, So I'll go with that. Here in washington my best day number wise was at Lone lake fishing a red chironomid. And maybe not my most consistent but definitly visually exciting for viscious takes is a chernobyl ant.

  6. We've got five. I have my fifteen flies tied. If we add more tyers i can do another of each. Since they are supposed to be flys of good memories I used one of my demos to catch a bunch of small trout today, well a few small trout. The third pattern of mine is a winged wooly bugger, basic, but I remember using one just like to score a nice fish as I started my fly fishing in freshwater. (Deceiver, Teaser Nymph, Bugger)
  7. hows everyone doing? I got mine all tied up, let's sound off when we're done, and/or send me a PM and i'll give ya the address.

  8. Mine are sitting in a box waiting to hit the mail. Shoot me the address and they are going postal!
  9. im done with 2 of my 3 still got to do one more
  10. I'm ready to hit the post office!
  11. I left the house without my box today. I apologize. I will try to drop them in the mail tomorrow. Five tyers, I'm sending 4 each of 3 patterns, right?
  12. Yeah four flies should work.

    I'll just post my address so they can start sifting in.

    Elliott Reams
    1822 3rd St
    Cheney, WA 99004
  13. Thanks ER, I mailed mine this evening from the post office's automatic postage system. You should see them in a couple of days.
  14. Mine are finished, forgot them on the counter at home this morning, but I will make sre you have them on time.

  15. No problems, we'll take it slow once i have everybody's i'll send it out.

    No rush, I got Ed's today, look great, there are a few extras in there, want me to tie up some extras for a trade?
  16. No dude, the extras are for you...greasing up the swapmeister. If you want to send anything extra back to me you can, but that was not my intent.
  17. mine are all done im just waiting to send them out. cant wait to see evryones patterns
  18. ok i shiped mine out 7 days ago u got em?
  19. mine are out

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