Remington Float Tube, $20

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Rob Blomquist, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. I bought this tube off eabay about a year ago, but its way too small for me. It is a basic 20" doughnut that is hardly used, at 225 pounds I come close to sinking the thing, and that is why I am selling it. I can only remember one trip where I actually used it, on Upper Granite Lake. My waders were only inches from flooding the whole trip.

    I would recommend that this tube be used by smaller folks and kids. Great beginner tube.
    Twenty bucks or best offer. Snivelling and whining about needing a tube and not having money will probably get it given to you, but you will need to pick it up, and I don't recommend driving a new 2002 BMW..... :CLOWN
  2. Hi Tight Loops,
    I have a project that could use a small float tube.
    I buy your Remington for your asking price.
    The only catch is I'm out of town fishing until 9/10/02.
    If you can wait until I come back, it's sold.
    email me: stcin(at)
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    Play as if Life were the prize
  3. In that case, its sold guys, unless RC just disses me.


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