Remington Wingmaster 870 12 ga for sale/trade

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by pwoens, Sep 1, 2004.

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  1. SOLD
  2. what is a comparable price range for the model?
  3. SOLD
  4. wingmaster

    so you want???? for the shotgun. Got any photo's ? Did you shot 100 rounds all at the same time? was the barrel smokin'? What is the condition?
  5. answers are within your quote
  6. Here are some pics

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  7. Sent you an email.

    Tyler Howard
  8. SOLD
  9. Ive been hangin there... Just sent it like a minute ago.

  10. Your a little bit high on your estimate of value, you can get a new Wingmaster for under $350.00.
  11. Interesting :confused: . I just called sportsmans wharehouse, and a few other shops here in spokane, and the 26" model is $465.00 and it is not the magnum version nor the 30" model??? So I am not sure where you are getting your price from but the local shops here seem to sell all wingmasters for closer to four and a half new, plus tax. You could order or buy online but you will need an FFL outside of the state, and still I found no new prices under 350?? I checked a few of the online gun brokers and used wingmasters are definately holding their value around 200-400 with the lower prices having plain blued barrels, shorter barrels, and non-magnum versions. I do not claim to know a lot about guns, but I did do some research and feel that 250-350, as I originally stated, is not too high.

    I am sorry that feel my "estimated price" to be a little bit high.
  12. Price

    HI Patrick:The guy that said your price is too high does not know anything about this model Wingmaster.The new price for one is 595.00 so you are right on with your estimate of value.Just thought I'd let you know.
  13. wow...looks like I need to raise my price....hahaha :p
  14. may consider an 8wt reel also??

    Anyone have an 8wt reel that might want to trade??? Looking for a lightweigt reel possibly???
  15. 870 is sold

    Sorry for the delayed post but the shotgun is gone. Thanks
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