removing epoxy/name?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Josh Smestad, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Josh Smestad aka Mtnwkr

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    So, I have a factory built 697 vt2 that was a "gift" from a sage employee and as such has my name written on the blank near the handle and covered with what I assume is epoxy. This isn't my favorite rod and I'm thinking of selling it. Is there an easy way to remove my name from the rod? thanks!
  2. Porter Active Member

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    Easy?....depends on your skill set I guess. Probably be wise to have a pro do it, but then you have the cost and does that offset the price you would be able to get it for? I have read of people taking off the epoxy and using acetone or some other type of chemical to remove print from a blank, and this has been on graphite rods. I'm sure some of the rod builders here will give you a more qualified answer or suggestion. good luck!
  3. Craig Hardt aka Nagasaurus

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    I wouldn't use any chemicals as it might damage the rod finish in addition to removing the epoxy.

    All epoxies should soften with heat so using a hair dryer to gently heat the area will allow you to soften the coating and then carefully scrape it off with your fingernail or a plastic knife. I have used this method to remove old epoxy when replacing rod guides. Please be aware that the finish will not look all shiny and new when you are done--there seems to always bee some leftover stubborn residue on the original factory finish.

    If I were doing it I'd consider re-wrapping the cleaned area with a neutral color of thread (black perhaps) to cover any residue and put new finish over it. A feather inlay would look sharp but is probably more work than you'd like to do on a rod you're just going to sell.

    My concern is other rod information (like the serial number and rod specs) are near the name and could be damaged. Do you have clearance around these items to work with? If it would not add too much to the diameter perhaps another decal over the top of your name to cover it and then a light coating over the top would be a safer option if other text you want to keep is close by...
  4. Matthew LeBret Active Member

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    I must stress the fact its a plastic knife or Popsicle stick, something that will give before the blanks finish does. I would put trim bands or something on that piece for it will make it not even look like a Sage if there is a blank spot where the label is. Sell it how it is and let the buyer deal with it :thumb:
  5. CC898 Member

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    Sound advice! I have used both methods as well as a razor blade to get it started, and then SOMETIMES it will peel off. Soe companies make expoxy remover, Have not tried it but it may work. Most and I must stress MOST blanks are not affected by acetone. I would use the dryer method to get as much off as you can, and then use a very soft rag and a tiny bit of solvent to take the rest off. Don't saturate the blank or let it stand on there, work tiny bits at a time, don't scrub, just long smooth strokes over the area, that way if it does dull the finish it blands a bit.

    I would also suggest a deco wrap, it can make the whole thing "easy":rolleyes: