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    Flew home to see my family. Its been awhile. I grew up in Reno until I was 21 and enlisted in the service. Nevada has some of the most amazing fishing and not nearly as many pressured waters. Although it has seen its decline like most fisheries. I took a week and fished several different places. The temperature was in the mid 90's the whole time so we had to fish the fast currents where the fish were holding to escape the heat. The Truckee river which runs from Lake Tahoe through Reno/Sparks and finally ends its journey in Pyramid lake got the most attention during our trip. There are some real monsters lurking in there. We have hooked several trout over 7lbs. I wasn't lucky enough to land one this trip. My good friend hooked in to a brown outside the town of Farad under a train bridge that snapped 8lb mono. We only got a glimpse of it but he was easily 6lbs and gave a good thrashing before he decided he wasn't going to the net. Its was the first cast of the day and the last fish of the day as well. I guess the fish gods gave Zach the opportunity but seeing how he failed. The bad Juju followed us for the remainder of the day. We landed and released over 50 rainbows and browns during the trip but just didn't get the trophy we were after. Believe me they are there. We were throwing big ugly sculpins hoping to draw a beast from its lie. I guess another time. IMG_0705.JPG View attachment 18929 IMG_0713.JPG IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0717.JPG IMG_0718.JPG IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0724.JPG IMG_0727.JPG

    After a few days of fishing the Truckee we headed to Lake Lahontan. The plan was to fish for warm water species and in Lahontan there are plenty of them. When the fishing is good you can catch more fish than you can count. Stripers, wipers, smallmouth, largemouth, crappie, and catfish all call Lake Lahontan home. After an hour drive we arived at the reservoir to find the the summer months had been tough and it was almost completely dried up! There was some water however and it seemed all the fish were now congregated into about 200 acres of water. They were jumping everywhere! We had no doubt we would hook toms of fish that day. We were dead wrong. The water was like chocolate milk. The silt was so thick that the biggest brightest fly I had disappeared in about a half inch of water. Fish didnt seem to mind it. Heck they seemed happy but after 3 hours of casting and throwing every possible combination we could think of without so much a nibble. We accepted defeat and retreated to better waters. IMAG0285.jpg IMAG0286.jpg IMAG0287.jpg

    Our last destination was Hobart Reservoir. It sits atop a few mountain peaks right in the middle. Its a 4 mile drive up a crazy dirt road that a truck with 4 wheel drive is absolutely necessary. The road winds up the hillside and often times the edge is a straight drop down the cliff. We saw a few remnants of vehicles that failed to keep a safe distance from the edge. I didnt take any pics however. Zach wasnt quite focused on picture taking as he was on not killing us. Once you make it to the top you arent quite finished. You now have to park and hike down a steep trail about half a mile with your float tube. Its not that bad though. Once we wet our line it wasnt long before we were landing fish after fish. I had most success with a small beadhead white leech. The difficult journey to reach the small 40 acre lake high elevation keeps pressure light and the fishing good through even the hottest summer months. Icaught over 40 fish that afternoon. Brookies, Cuttbows, and Tigers are plentiful and take your offering eagerly. IMG_0729.JPG IMG_0776.JPG IMG_0777.JPG View attachment 18946 IMG_0731.JPG IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0738.JPG IMG_0739.JPG IMG_0745.JPG IMG_0750.JPG IMG_0746.JPG IMG_0751.JPG IMG_0758.JPG IMG_0760.JPG IMG_0756.JPG IMG_0764.JPG IMG_0774.JPG
    All in all it was a great trip. Hope you guys enjoy the report.
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    Nice report, and some great pics. I've been working in Reno on and off for the last couple of months. Haven't been able to fish yet, but I have done some exploring and found some really nice looking water on the Trukee. I'm amazed that I haven't seen a single fisherman since I've been here.
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    thats way cool
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    If you want big fish, head out east towards Fernley and fish the Lockwood area. Fish it early and late in the evening. Hit the fast water, water that looks rough will hold the fish during the warmer parts of the day. Focus on the heads of runs. Also Oct 1st Pyramis Lake opens for Cutthroat. Im talkin 10 pounders!
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    I spent a couple of hours on Sat hiking the trails around Lockwood.. Very nice looking water. I also followed the river down to Pyramid and checked it out wherever I could see decent access, and some areas I really had to bushwack! Probably spent five or six hours total and saw most of the river from Sparks down. Did not see a single fisherman, although I did pick up a big wad of mono at the trailhead parking lot in Lockwood.

    I'm going to try to bring a rod with me on my next trip and give it a shot.

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    Evan, at a certain point towards pyramid it turns to indian land and requires a permit. Not quite sure where it begins but you are safe for at least 10-15 miles east of sparks. If you want some guaranteed fish, fish down off of Mayberry street in Reno, Rock Park also has some good spots with definite hookups. Just little guys but very fun on the 3wt. Large fish in the 2-5lb range do happen and more often than you would think. Lots of fisherman in Reno dont respect the rivers (mono in the parking lot). Its sad but not nearly as bad as the rivers here in Washington. You may run into a couple other guys but rarely will you not have plenty of water to yourself. Also as the fall months and cooler temps set in many fisherman arent dedicated enough and will throw in the towel until spring. Endure the colder temps. All the big fish will be coming from east moving up river . Fish stoneflies of various colors. Also prince nymphs work great. Beadheads to help get them down. Also fish crawfish patterns. This month and last they were molting. Dead drift them and likely a big fish will chase it down. Good luck.
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    The lake with the Big Cutst and Tigers looks like a place to add to my list.
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    Thanks Thomas... I was definetly on tribal land for quite a bit of the day, but I don't mind buying a permit if it's not a hastle to get one. Most of the places I looked at down that way had plenty of deer and some cow tracks, but I didn't see any people tracks.

    And thank you for your service BTW!
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    Great report and pictures. I use to live in Reno and I agree there is ome great fishing in the area. Thx for the memories!!
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    Awesome report, I love the scenery pics as I used to live in Southern NV and really loved travelling the state and enjoying the amazing landscape! Seeing it as a climber and a fisher, makes it a full package!
    Thanks for the good stuff!