FS/WTT Renzetti Master vise

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Nick Clayton, May 1, 2013.

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    I have a Renzetti Master vise that I acquired earlier this year when I swapped my Norvise setup for it. I really don't know how old the vise is, and I have no paperwork for it. It's been well used, with wear obvious in many spots. Functionally, however, it is like butter. This lpuppy is smmmmmooooothhh. The jaws have held every hook I've put in it without a second thought. Absolutely nothing wrong with this vise functionally, it's just not new either.

    Anyhow, as I said, I'm not sure how old it is, and I have no paperwork or anything. I do have a padded Renzetti case that came with it. I have pics on my cell phone that I can send to anyone interested in taking a look.

    I've tied on this exclusively since trading for it.... eh... I guess it was 6-8 months ago? It is truly a joy to tie on. Smooth as silk, with a ton of gripping power. My only beef is that it didn't really fit my large hands at the back of the vise, especially when tying on smaller hooks. (I tie 80% of my flies on size 12 or smaller hooks). A few months back I was in Pacific Fly Fishers playing around with a Barracuda, and wanted one since. Well as a reward for some personal changes I have made lately I sprung for one this week, and I am sold. This vise fits my hands like they were made for each other, so that leaves the Master collecting dust.

    So, I have no real clue what to value this thing at. I've looked around online as much as I could, and found used ones from 400 on up. I'm thinking maybe due to the cosmetic wear of this vise, that I would put an asking price at 300$ and go from there.

    I'd also be interested in trades, particularly for a smaller travel style vise that I could keep at work for tying on my lunch breaks, and taking on the road with me.... Or a 5 wt rod to be added to my stillwater arsenal.

    Any interest just shoot me a PM. I'm open to other interesting trades/offers. I'll try to get better pics taken, but for now anyone intersted just let me know and I can text/email some from my phone.

    Edit: it's been brought to my attention that my vise is actually a left handed model. I tied a ton of flies on it and never knew so obviously it doesn't make a huge difference, but it is what it is. Thanks for pointing that out E! Can't believe it never registered with me before LOL
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    Not a left hand model. I had it set up lefty because I was born broken. There is a one way bearing similar to what you find in a reel. If you flip it around, voilĂ ... the vise is righty. IIRC the bearing is in the spinny lever doohicky.

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    My bad...I just had a quick look at the pics and noticed the orientation of the rotary tension knob and the material clip and figured it was a lefty model. Did you also move the material clip...can it be put on the backside in the righty position?
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    A trade has been found. Thanks for all the interest.
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