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  1. I am ready to purchase a new vise and have decided to go w/ a Renzetti. I am looking at a Traveler, Saltwater Traveler or Presentation 2000. Will by using this for mid-sized trout flies, smallmouth bass patterns and some saltwater patterns. Will the jaws on the SW Traveler work for trout patterns? Is the base much more substancial/heavier on the Presentation in comparison to the Traveler? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Nor-vise.
    Here we go again!:D
  3. Norm, I appreciate the link. Lots of useful info but lacks the human element, people that have had the opportunity to use these vises. Hate to buy something just based on the mfg. suggestions and/or specs.
  4. I have the Presentation 2000 and love it but have lusted after the Master. The only thing that you could ask for on the 2000 is a clouser arm.
  5. I have the travler cam series and in all its a great vise although I would like the heavier base of the 2000. Also in addition I have purchased the clouser arm for my vise which is nice for some patterns. All and all you really cant go wrong with either vice for the travler is the best selling rotary vice on the market but like I said before the extra weight of the 2000's base would be my choice.
  6. YEP,
  7. I have the Renzetti traveler with the pedestal base. I generally tie soft hackles/wet flies from size 12 to Alec Jackson size 3. IIRC I have the regular jaws on mine; not the micro jaws. I can't comment on the salt water jaws; the regular jaws have worked well for me. The base is heavy enough to hold the vise steady; I haven't had any problems with the vise wanting to shift while tying.

    It's a good solid vise that I'd definately purchase again.

  8. Yep, lifetime warranty,
    spagetti not
  9. I've had my Traveller for about five years and have been happy with it. I have the cam model (is there even an option anymore?) and it holds hook sizes in the trout to local salt range very nicely. I've experimented with some of the larger salmon/steelhead hooks too without a glitch.

    The rotary feature is nice to have when/if you want it.

    That said, I did get a longer stem for mine recently. My dubbing habits were built on a vise with a longer stem than the standard Renzetti. I am happier with the longer stem and still no problems with the stability at all.

    It has been bullet proof and trouble free for me since day one. So count me as a recommendation if you like.


  10. I've had my traveller for 10 years and have tied flies from size 2 down to size 22. No problems at all with any size, for what it's worth.
  11. I have an older Presentation 4000. It is an excellent vise that does everything I need a vise to do. I bought it used and got a much better vise for the money as compared to buying new.

  12. Unless you don't mind spending the extra dinero, the Renzetti Traveler will do everything the others will. Get the C-Clamp model, and buy an inexpensive (see Cabela's) aftermarket pedestal base. The c-clamp model has a longer stem than the factory pedestal, and the biggest issue with the Traveler pedestal is its short stem. It's a pain.

    If budget isn't an issue, get the Presentation.
  13. iagree

    I have the C-clamp Travler with the cam jaws. I use it with the base from my old Regal. It works great and is probably all you will ever need.

  14. i have the Presentation 4000 and LOVE IT. GET IT!
  15. i have the traveler,with base,love it!!! tie fresh/salt flies 2/0+.just get spare rubber rings that are on the jaws-dry-out and break.
  16. Good tip. Or, easier is to buy same-sized O rings at a plumbing or hardware store.
  17. Love love love my Traveler.
  18. I bought the Traveler about a year ago. I have been very happy with my purchase. I used to use a Thompson vise and the first night I noticed I had to modify my hand positions a little bit. I don't think I ever noticed it after the first night though. I've tied from size 1 to 20 flies. Salt Flies and itty bitty dries. Not an issue. I don't think I've had a hook slip to date. I've had the base move a little while tying Bucktails for the Salt and spinning deer hair on muddlers but not on much else and it has never been a real problem.

    I tie at a wood desk with a basic office chair. I noticed after a couple sessions that my neck and shoulders were getting tired and aching a bit. I bottomed out the office chair so the fly is at a more comfortable height. No more problems there.

    I thought I'd use the rotary mech a lot more than I do. I like it for wrapping dubbing loops and ribs. I also really like it for quill bodies and tinsel bodies. Basically any wrapping where I want to make certain each wrap lies right where I want it.

    I had a hard time deciding between the Regal and the Traveler. I think I would have been fine with either. I got the Traveler for a good price and figured I'd like the rotary feature.

    I've had it a little over a year now. I also like to bring it with some materials when camping in case I need to whip something up. I don't bring it out as much as I thought I would. That may be because my 3 little kids keep me pretty busy in camp.
  19. I have a Traveler, pedestal model. Had it four years and like it alot, will tie about anything I throw at it. However..........I love my Nor-vise, and for only about 100 bucks more it really is worth the extra bucks. They can be a little intimidating to start with, but learn to use it and you'll love it. Nothing can spin a hackle on the way a Nor-vise does!

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