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  1. I have been using a Traveller for years and it is a great vise. The stem supplied with the
    base is a bit short depending on your tying table height and the weight of the base is a little light for some applications and the O rings on the jaws do break down over time. Minnor
    shortfalls of a very nice piece of equipment. Buy some 3/8's drill rod from your local hardware
    store and drill and tap one end 10/32 and cut to what ever length you like. I had a table
    clamp type base from a previous vise and have made several stems to suit my needs. My
    experience with the O rings is get the Renzetti green O rings. The black rubber ones you can source from the plumbers are a short lived poor replacement. The factory O rings must be
    silicon or nitrile and perform much better for a longer period of time.

    My wife bought me a Presentation 4000 last xmas and it is thing of beauty - but to honest
    the Traveller does the same job quite nicely.

    It's like any tool, the more you use it - the more it will become your friend.

    Buy spare O rings and do yourself a big favour and get an OTT-LITE.
  2. Kro, great tip. I can use a tap and die at work and was wondering how to do this. Do you know where to get the stock in aluminum or do I have to get steel? I'm in SEA and got pretty used to getting everything at Boeing Surplus. So much easier to tap a hole in alum..

    I should have some killer pics of my mobile tying station soon. I'm calling it Simian Mobile Disco for lack of a better name.
  3. You can get 3/8 aluminum rod at Home Depot or Lowes,McLendons,any good hardware store will have it.
    YOU can also get steel there .
  4. That was gonna be my next q: is the rod 3/8" diameter? I forgot to check the diameter and my vise is @ the theatre (work) right now.
  5. Factory rod is 3/8's.
  6. I had a Renzetti Master back when they only cost about $400. When trying to tie in a rotational fashion and implement spinning techniques I almost ripped the table top off its legs and put an eye out. Not even Les Schwab himself could bring one of those damn things into balance.

    Got a NorVise; haven't looked back yet. Table top still intact and I no longer need safety glasses.

    Proceeded to use a HMH Presentation as a door stop for a couple years. Same with the Dyna King Barracuda, although it wasn't as pretty as that nice, brass base. It did hold the door open though. eBay finally peeled them away from my posession...good place to look around probably, still, maybe?
  7. I got the Renzetti traveler C-Clamp about 5 years ago and got an inexpensive base for it for when I travel and can't use the c-clamp. I have to say I really like the vise. Went to Cabelas when they first opened and they had some of these in the bargain cave for about have the price (I believe they were $90) and ended up with another one that is in my tying bag. The only problem that I have had is, when I took it on a trip and was tying steelhead flies, I left the hook in the vise and went to dinner. When I came back, somehow the jaws had broke, the tightening screw had shearred off, and I had no other vise to tie on (luckily I was not on a fishing trip at the time). I picked up another set of jaws and sent the broken set back to the factory. They checked it out and sent a new set of jaws back to me with no questions asked. I was very happy with the warranty service and I am really glad I decided to go with the Renzetti as my first vice.

    I have to admit though, and agree with the others, that I do really like the Nor-Vise. I am looking at possibly getting one but it is just the expense that will be a little difficult to take. However, when you see it in action, especially at a show and watching Norm working it, you will really be amazed at how fast it can do things as well as what it can do.

  8. New 11.5" rod slimmed at the bottom to fit the base, drilled, and tapped. Will post pics when I get the portable tying box (called the "mobile discoteque" but I don't know why!) finished--It's very near complete. This whole thing of working on it during breaks makes the process verryyy slooow. I think they should let me work on it instead of doing my actual work!

    BTW the rod is 11.5" because I went in asking for 12". When the guy asked me if 11.5" scraps would be okay, I said yes. Total cost was $0.00 for two. They have at least 6 more if anyone is feeling crafty. All you need is access to a few tools.

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