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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ron McNeal, May 18, 2014.

  1. I tend to think only of "Fly-Fishing Only" lakes when I'm heading out, but now I'm trying to break that habit.

    Couldn't help but notice how many trout were dumped into the "General Rules" lakes this past 12 months, so thought I'd better do some exploring......

    Recently got off my butt & tried a lake not that far from Poulsbo whose only special reg is "internal combustion motors prohibited."

    Had the place to myself and caught a bunch of nice rainbows. Fished all afternoon/evening with just one fly: a Denny Rickards' All Purpose Emerger off a RIO Hover line. Water temp was about 63℉. The 14-16 inchers liked the fly stripped really fast - almost so fast, you'd think you'd never catch anything that way..... But, that technique produced a fish with almost every cast.

    Got bored (maybe it was muscle fatigue...) with that so thought I'd just troll, real slow, and enjoy the new scenery. BAM!! A big one. Made my Hardy Lightweight just scream. I'll never get tired of hearing those reels sing. Measured about 18" on the old Fat Cat stripping apron ruler.

    Hooked three more like that the same way. Two got off. The second netted bow also measured about 18". I was using a pinched barb fly, so losing two was OK. The two larger fish are pictured below.

    Saw my first WA black bear as he/she ambled along the downed trees on the lake's western shore. God, it looked big.... It was too far way for a decent shot with my Olympus point & shoot, otherwise there'd be a picture of it too..

    It was a great day; I love living here in Washington.

    I'll be back to this lake. Also have a list of other "General Rules" lakes in the area that'll keep my busy all Summer.


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  2. That's why I stopped going to the "quality" waters a long time ago.
  3. I was tipped off that Ron had a good day at this lake and hit the same body of water a few days ago. Not quite as good a day as Ron, but not bad catching, and I had forgotten how pretty it is up there. Today I had a conversation with a guy fishing a local selective gear lake who tipped me off to another "general rules" body of water I will be exploring soon.
  4. Names..Names..those of us east of Cascades want to fish western Washington lakes.

    Only few of us have never lived or spent any time in western Washington so we need locations and names. And don't forget lakes with camping spots!!
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  5. I guess you guys must be talking about stocked stillwaters when you indicate "general rules" lakes. Shoot, I've been fishing stocked lakes for decades. There's only a few flyfishing only lakes in Oregon and many more "planted" lakes that hold nice rainbow ... either hold overs or larger planters.

    Every lake I've fished so far this years was/is planted and I guess, therefore, "general rules" lakes. I have nothing against fishing for planted rainbow... planted or not they still fight like the devil, jump and run and are a blast to catch. I don't eat fish so I don't keep any but I sure have a good time fishing for the guys. I gave up strictly fishing for wild trout looooooooooooooong ago. There simply are not enough of them remaining and even fewer in lakes.
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  6. There are only a couple special rules lakes over here in EO. Neither one is stocked, one is full of wild fish (no limit on brookies) to about 14 inches and the other has landowner problems, would be a great fishery but the ODFW won't go out of their way to get fish in there because they think the landowner "may close access". So all the lakes I fish are stocked either with 'catchables' or fry. They are all pretty good as long as they have plenty of water.
  7. Nice fish. Are those really different fish? They look exactly the same, including the missing maxillary. Or is that a hatchery specific thing?
  8. Good eyes, Cruik. My mistake. I've corrected the error so that now, in my original post, the first fish is really the first fish. 1st pic is time stamped 5:56, the 2nd is stamped 7:07.

    EDIT: I just changed my camera settings so that photos will now show the date stamp. I don't want to repeat this embarrassing mistake..................

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