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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by John Weston, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. so where to about 7 million pinks hide? that's the ? for today. nope, no prizes for the best answer.
  2. Looks like the pink run might be a bust this year. What a bummer.
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  3. Not hot and heavy fishing but still fish to be had, got one slow cooking now. I have hooked into something each trip out though not heavy numbers. Yesterday the fish were all over but hiding in the salad making it hard to get unfouled fly in front of them. The one thing I am not seeing is any bait fish around which might explain the fish not staying around long and they are likley feeding on things floating with the seaweed.
  4. I've been quite successful finding the silvers in MA9, but haven't seen many pinks. Some would say that would mean I have been doubly succesfull. lol Me, I wanna find some pinks to play around with....Though preferably after limiting on silvers :D
  5. I managed 2 pinks today in MA11; one on a spoon, one on a buzz bomb (forgive me father, for I have chucked gear). Tried flies and actually got a hookup, but I didn't qualify for the rodeo with that one. Had to put the hours in for those fish though, 6am to noon. Did see a couple nice kings come in off of boats, one was 17 lbs on the scale. Woof.
  6. Gonna hit BP this morning for a bit. I will tell you how it goes. Saw a big king brought in last night in the 15-18 lb range. Brought back some motivation. Anyone else headed out this morning?
  7. I'm picking up my Beulah 6wt this week so if anyone wants to meet up and fish that would be great. I have limited experience targeting salmon from the beach and really want to get one.
  8. No love at bp.... Saw 1 pink landed in 4 hours....
  9. well that was pretty good with the answers, but do you really think the pinks would be hiding in the salad on an incoming tide? I sure don't know. I guess there were 4 pinks caught and about 3 or 4 come unhooked.
    your right about no bait fish swimming as I haven't seen any either. I do see some seals about 200 yards out, could that be keeping em out farther but then there were a lot of boat around from Dash point then coming down to BP and I didn't see any nets out.
    if they do show up then where are they now? staging way out and deep and eating or what?
    I guess we will all wait and see. thanks guys and tight lines to all.

    Outlaw :confused:
  10. I'm thinking they are further south now. Ill let you know I'm gonna fish MA 13 this weekend
  11. where are ya going in ma13 down to the river? we fish at the ft. lewis range.
  12. You in the army? I was thinking solo point or somewhere the fish have to go past to get to the river. Seems shallow a long ways out but that little island looks cool.
  13. Yes everyone knows that the deep south sound gets pinks waaaaaay before everywhere else. Its a mystery as to why, but I swear I saw about a 20 brazzilion pinks last week in the nisqually area. Chances are they're probably in the rivers by now. Oh well, better luck in 2015, I hear they'll reach the narrows by march 2014.
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  14. Had one follow/refusal at the boat and landed one that wrapped itself around the anchor line. My fishing partner was able to net it despite my best efforts to lose it. Looked like a "politically incorrect" fire drill for a while. I didn't have ALL the fun, though. She landed about an 18 inch starry flounder.

  15. It's great to have fishing partners with such quality netting skills. I had one such fellow in the boat yesterday. Got wrapped up around the anchor twice on one particular fish. Was able jump out over the bow and got my rod under/over the line both times and then Ira was able to net the fish, all my tangled line, and the anchor line all in one shot. Was an impressive feat of net management if I ever saw one.

    Glad you were able to bring him to hand.
  16. Thomas, no I am not in the army. ya need a pass to fish there. if the fish are in it's another hell hole, elbow to elbow fishing. I stay away when it's like that. I don't know if the pinks hit there first or not and have not heard they are in.
  17. BP was hot this morning. Lots of people catching. I went 2-3 and my buddy went 3-4. Best day out there so far! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376602974.970114.jpg
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  18. Nice! With the spey I like it. I thought about throwing my 5wt Beulah platinum. Are you throwing a scandi with an intermediate tip or just a flouro tapered leader?
  19. Went out to my MA11 beach tonight and got my first pink on the fly rod; also got a big ol' starry flounder. The action from shore tonight was definitely faster than it has been. Would have kept fishing, but I dropped my phone into the sound LIKE A DAMN ROOKIE. Whatever, made one of my fishing goals for the year. Great success!
  20. getting ready to leave for BP. hoping they are there. it's 3:15 am. report when I get back. tight lines and good fishin to all.

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