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  1. The statements regarding completion of limits on pages 11 and 98 are individually very clear, so I interpret the regs as having bias towards boat-bound anglers. I think it is because it is more difficult to assess who caught what on a boat than on land, where game wardens have been known to spy on anglers with binoculars or from behind trees. I have observed the latter on the Snohomish and it is rather comical when the warden pops out of the trees to check the number of hook points, number of fish caught, and most importantly, whether anglers have a license or not!!
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  2. That makes sense.
  3. Right? It's in a little box tucked away in a corner. If it were up to me it would have gone right next to the rule on page 11.
  4. I know this to be true on chartered trips where if you've already caught your limit you can continue to fish until the whole boat has limited out. Pat, you are correct, the regs are ridiculous. I think they purposefully make them confusing and information hard to find; the reason behind it though (and I'm not trying to seem paranoid)... quotas???
  5. Thomas, that was a wulff ambush line. But I am now using the rio outbound short intermediate line after some recommendations from puffer sound fly co. (David).
  7. Finally picked up more than a fish per trip today! Went 3 for 6. Only one there that did better was one of the 2 boat Russian navy. There was 1 guy in the smaller of the 2 boats. Saw him land 6 and then put them on a stringer over the side! Shall we chum for seals?
  8. Big fan of the ambush line here, just out of curiosity, what did david say to switch you. especially for a two hander, I know someone with an 11'6 4wt and the #9 ambush line its pretty ridiulous how easy it is to cast 80 foot
  9. Hey, if you would have had that beer in the boat, I bet you would have got that #4 !!!! ( I was in the other yellow Duro ) My day stunk, only 1 fish in 8 hours of casting !!!!
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  10. Yeah, I've taken care of the beer problem for next time. Gotta have at least one on board to celebrate!
    I probably should have left when you did. Never caught anymore, wind came up and I had to pound my way to Maury to get out of it. Even at trolling speeds it was a ride! Don't know WHAT your 12' would have been like!

    The fun part was, on the way across, I had my first take while bucktailing! Good thing it didn't stick! Conditions were NOT good for drifting while fighting a (possible) Coho!
  11. Hey Pat, he said that the intermediate line will keep me in the fish zone more and and would double or triple my hookups over a floating line. Used it yesterday for the first time and went 0-1 in about 3 hours at BP. It seemed like my cast was about 20 feet shy of the distance I needed. Was missing my ambush....
  12. I have a 10wt Ambush, and a Outbound short 10S(1.5IPS) that I use on my 8wt 10'8" switch. I think these both cast well. Would more then likely cast much better in someone else's hands, but I enjoy fishing them both.
  13. The Ambush is a great line but not necessarily a good beach line. STick with the Outbound. I don't know if it will triple your hook-ups but chances are you'll be where the fish are which is about 6 - 10 feet deep. A floater probably won't allow that unless you use a very long leader and heavy fly.
  14. Steve, its funny but my hits seem to be about the same on both lines. Except for the bullheads that is. They really like the Sinking Outbound. I've been getting most of my hits on a unweighted fly that I've been tying, no matter which line I use.
  16. Fishee - As far as I know it's completely safe to eat salmon roe and I have been for years with no ill effect. I've seen recipes for steelhead, salmon and even trout (yes I know a steelhead is a trout). There are several recipes for making caviar online, but the one I use goes like this and it's been wonderful. The caviar in the photo was my last batch from the fish pictured.

    1) Make two separate batches of brine consisting of 1/2 c salt to 1 qt. cool water and mix until the salt has dissolved. I use Kosher salt.
    2) Add around 1 lb. of fish skeins and let sit in the refrigerator for 5-10 min.
    3) Fill a bowl with moderately warm (105 - 115 degrees) water from the tap (if you have decent water), take one skein at a time (leave the remaining skeins in the brine until ready to dislodge roe) and massage the roe out of the sack while the skein is submerged. This is really kind of a tedious step, but take your time and try not to squish the roe. After several times you'll develop your own technique that works for you. The roe will fall to the bottom of the bowl. Repeat with remaining skeins. Also, I haven't been too concerned with temp. of the water at this point. It will cool down a bit, but as long as it feels body temp. or above you'll be fine.
    4) After roe has been removed, strain roe through a fine meshed sieve under cool running water removing any remaining membranes or odd bits.
    5) Once you're satisfied with the rinsing of the roe, pour the roe into the second brine and refrigerate for another 5 min. I find any more than that and it starts getting too salty.
    6) After the second brining again strain the roe, but do not rinse under water.
    7) Spoon your new caviar into clean glass jars and enjoy. In the fridge they will last up to two weeks, but mine never make it that long and I think they are better fresh anyway.
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  17. Thank you very much! Im definitely trying this, hopefully I'll catch a few hens this weekend.
  18. Good luck!!
  19. Numbst, what are your favorite salmon eggs for caviar?

    I fished MA10 this morning (was 2/2 for small coho) and saw seven or eight seiners circling the north end of the area. I suspect MA11 fish numbers may take a drop in the next few days.
  20. Then I believe your beef is with floating lines, not the ambush line which also comes in intermediate. or you could just add an intermediate poly leader. I just think people resist it because its different is all. its an awesome floater for the steep barnacle encrusted beaches we have You just have to break the habit of false casting. Instead, its kind of a hybrid beach spey cast.

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