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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by John Weston, Jul 26, 2013.

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    I think you may be right. My dad went out with a friend in MA11 yesterday and came home with nothing after six hours, although he was seeing a few fish caught. I believe between his friend and him they may have had only 2-3 hits. They were also not fly fishing. Personally, I think Silvers and Pinks are grand. The caveat to this is I haven't tried making caviar out of any other type of roe!
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  3. Kevin Pidone New Member

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    I noticed this may not have been clear, but in step two you want to add the skeins to one of the batches of brine and then refrigerate.
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    100 dude...100. :)
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    I have no beef with the ambush line. They cast great but I don't like them as a beach line. I casted one today and prefer the Outbound. The ambush was an intermediate belonging to my buddy who is a far better caster than I am but I could get better distance with the outbound short.
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    ah ok, got it.
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    I believe that schedule is only for the week of the 18th
    (Look at the top)
    I am pretty sure there is an opening next week
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    Well...I went out fishing hardware with my old man. He caught a nice #15 Chinook hen, in Area 11; of course. I let you know how it went.

    Just in case I did not follow your instruction correctly, what does it taste like, or what does it suppose to taste like? I've had Ikura (Salmon egg) with Nori (Toasted Seaweed) and rice; which tasted pretty good. Is it similar to that?

    Any who's, I'll let you know how it taste later tonight; kinda excited. :)
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    well the day was good at BP. several pinks caught on the start of the outgo. my mojo was a workin and I broke my bad spell. I got hooked up and buried the hook thru it's mouth and into the eye. man this guy I could of played with all day, he wasn't comin unglued. I had just sharpin my hook and bang he was on the beach. my first pink of the yr.
    it was still a little slow out there but this was the first time we saw em jumpin. hope it last longer.
    Outlaw :D
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    Fishee, it tastes almost identical to Ikura. And you can make it saltier or less salty by varying your times in the final brine.
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    I fished a beach on the west side of MA11 yesterday from 5am up through the tide changeover with no success. I saw one pod of Pinks run through but they were gone in a flash and nobody hooked up that I saw (2 other fly guys and a few gear guys). A seal was hanging around for a good 45 min and then a pod of porpoises cruised through so that couldn't have helped much. A flounder was all I could manage but it was nice to feel something tug on my line:) 2013-08-25 06.41.38.jpg
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    Well at least it was a nice size Flouder.
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    Fished a public MA11 beach today from about 1-3pm. Saw quite a few pinks rolling and jumping. Even had a few jump behind me (place i was allowed you to wade way out), but no hookups. They didn't seem interested at all. There were 3 boats in front of me and 2 other fly fisherman. Didn't see any hookups besides flounders (I got 2, one of the other flyfisherman got one). At least I saw more fish than I have all season, although I've only been out a few times so far.