Report; South Fork Stillaguamish River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Went up to do a little fishing with Breck, but didn't manage to meet up. ( Note to self; find out the campsite # not just the campground) So I just drove up to a likely looking spot high on the river and walked in. It took awhile to find somewhere not already occupied, what with it being fourth of July weekend and nice weather.

    I hit the water around lunchtime. Came out about five, fully satisfied. What with lunch, hiking around and re-rigging. I probably only had a fly in the water half that time. Raised a fish on almost every cast. Most were in the four to eight inch range. But a few were good sized for that small of water. Big fish of the day was a solid thirteen inches. Lots of fun on a 2 weight- fullflex and 6X tippet.

    Fly of choice? I think anything dry would have worked. Dry being key. Very little action on a sunken dry fly. I started with a size 8 stimulator just because that's what I left on the rod last time I used it. Got lots of hits but too big for hookups. Switched to a size 12 and it was on. Later I noted some refusals so I switched to a 14 EHC. Back in the game. Must have hooked 30 fish or more. Most of the smaller ones were released by slacking the line. I was trying to stay with the biggest fly I could and still get hook ups. Didn't want to play with the little ones.

    Really a very relaxing outing.
  2. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Humpies also work good on that river. I have spent many a day on that river.
  3. jeff bandy Make my day

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    Like I said Jim. It was one of those days when just about anything dry would do. I think I could have tied on a piece of bark to a hook and got fish.
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    I wondered what happened to you. I could swear I told you site #6. Oh well. Sounds like you did better than me. I ended up hiking into Boardman Lake and tossing spinners behind a bubble. No takes. Ended up tossing a stick for Gus to swim after instead.
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    Nice report Jeff. Was thinking of you on the first leg of our trip to Glacier NP when we settled on the Grand Coulee. I know you fish some places up around here.
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    nice report, thanks
  7. Jim Darden Active Member

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    Ratings: +222 / 0 guys should be banned from the forum! If we start telling the truth around here, the fishing reports are going to the dogs.....
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    You cross over Black creek on the way up there. You should of taken a little time and explored that creek. I know it's very woodsy up there. But at one time it was all clear cut.