Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Mayfly Aviator, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. A shit leopard can't change it's spots

  2. Thanks for your opinion. It has been added to those opinion of others.

    Should you truly feel compelled to go, take care. Your account won't be deleted, that is not the practice of the site owner.

    When users have issues, mods expect effort between the two to resolve. If unable, we are asked to intervene. We do so behind the curtains first. When those efforts fail, we think keeping our membership informed is a positive position to take.

    As to the alleged scammer, I don't truly give two shits about your DD214 no more than you care about mine. The allegations that you are a scammer, that you are a reseller of goods acquired based on your scamming of other good hearted folks, and that you make excuses based on being a veteran is what I don't like. Best to you scumbag, now go prey on another forum membership. I like the folks we have here and would like you to man up and go away. Clearly you don't see any wrong in what you've done, others do.
  3. I, for one, think the mods handled this one perfectly. I have never expected, and would never even think of, trying to get a "deal" based on my service to this country. True, I took advantage of the GI Bill to help with grad school costs, and had a VA loan, like most veterans, but to go to someone and ask what I can get for free just is not in the cards. My Dad, a veteran of WWII, would have been ashamed and smacked me in the head. I will also be going to some of the forums to make sure the word is out. I know this one has to have been really bugging guys like Chuck Tye and Jerry who readily give so much of themselves to PHW. Thanks for bringing this forward, Sam.
  4. I will only add this:

    Project Healing Waters and the Wounded Warriors Program both do a lot of good for guys that have been through hell and back. Please don't punish those worth while programs or the very deserving Vets who in no way are pulling any sort of scams on people.

  5. Public dishonesty, openly taking advantage of others on a public forum REQUIRES publicly calling out that individual, and there is nothing wrong with a public shaming, he deserves it.

  6. Tears are being shed at this great loss to the forum....


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  7. apparently your unaware of the fly tying section of this forum bigdood. though i have no opinion to state in the matter at hand, S Fontinalis would in fact be a loss to the forum. . .
  8. That better be a Trailer Park Boys reference.
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  9. Huge Loss and a shame. Sorry you disagree with what has happened Fontinalis but stick around! We will miss your ties!
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  10. It may be a loss or even a shame if Mr. Fontinalis leaves. However, I have always wondered why some feel the need to announce their departure in such a fashion. I always wonder what it is they are trying to accomplish. Are they trying to create some sense of loss to those left behind? Do they think that their public disclosure of leaving is going to create some sort of up evil within the forum that will cause its eventual demise? Is it because of an over inflated ego?

    I do know this much, the forum, even if diminished slightly by Mr. Fontinalis’ departure, will certainly continue on and he will likely not be missed at all. I have left forums in the past myself for reason of my own. I did so quietly without announcement. Those forums are still running and I doubt any of the current members even know I am gone and many may not know I was there at all.
  11. I have no dog in this hunt, but I suspect he chose this method of departure to express his extreme discomfort with this thread discussion in the most emphatic terms possible....

    I hope he reconsiders, not out of fear that the forum will collapse, but rather with the understanding that this thread constitutes but a tiny portion of the otherwise very congenial internet WFF community.

    I'm just a new guy here (but not a 'new guy' to FF)... and if it's one thing I've learned in a long life...burning bridges never leaves anyone feeling good.

    If I piss anyone off...I'm truly sorry...that was not my intent.
  12. +1

    I will assume in this case it was to publicly express disgust, but (and I enjoyed his ties as well) if it is for other reasons...the internet is drowning in fly tying talent.
  13. Hey guys.. wanted to check in.

    Ole Scott Martin scammed's members to the tune of about $1100. How do I know this? I was part of his scam.

    Not by choice. No, basically he let out his sob story when selling a gift card (likely ill gotten), and I decided to white knight and help him visit his dying daughter with cancer before her big surgery.

    So, I started a drive to raise money, and within a short time frame I got weird feelings the way he was "selling" his cause to people. Shortly at the end of my goal, Scott got grabby with the money and I basically just sent it on wishing to wash my entire hands of the enterprise.

    Shortly after the truth came out. I was, fortunatly, able to return some money in checks, but despite promises of returnign all the PayPal money, Scott scammed everyone out of their cash, to say nothing of my ability to show my face on that forum again.

    A despicable, terrible human who's willing to lie about his daughter having cancer, as well as duty to the country.

    Furthermore, I see there's some question about Orvis equipment. Scott's original story started when he claimed to be selling a gift card obtained from Orvis for returning a rod. During the saga of my own fund raising thread, a major representive from Orvis came in and offered Scott a brand new replacement rod for the one he supposedly traded in, IIRC a Superfine Touch 2wt (but my memory sucks). Shortly afterwards, the supposedly destitute Mr. Martin was discovered on trying to drum up a reel to match.

    Scott was also quite famous for posting a rather lovely bamboo rod from PHW, handmade with adorned with the equvilent of his ribbons earned. That rod was on the selling block of PAflyfish, or for trade for a kayak, at some point abotu a month or so before the big blow out.

    Anyways. THought I'd give you some more fuel.

    edit: I provided an email address to the OP, trying to find his address but I think I deleted it out of utter disguist with the whole affair.
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  14. Sad and a breach of trust.
  15. Nah, I'm aware of it (I'm also aware that there is a difference between possessive and contraction). Statement still stands.

    What's odd about this whole situation is if I was trying to be the crazy multiforum Pablo Escobar of fly fishing scams I'd use a different alias on each forum and certainly wouldn't use the same name in my FB homepage URL.
  16. Here is captain douchbag so you can put a face to the piece of shit. He was an NCO!!! (Assuming he didnt scam that hat off of someone) According to his facebook page he was in the Army for a whole 2 years! HAHAHA I have more deployment time than that. Veteran of what!? ....Basic training! HAHAHAHAHAH wow you just redefined scumbag.


  17. Look at the dude hes obviously missing a chromosome or 2.
  18. Wow! Just wow. I've seen nothing like this before. I think there are wounded vets who really need our help, and we owe them. This story really screws things up. I sincerely thank Jerry and all the rest of you who have contributed to shedding the light of day on this series of events. Mr. Fontinalus may disapprove, but this hurts every member who participates in this forum, whether it's buying and selling via the classifieds, making donations to worthy causes, or posting and reading information based on nothing more, nor less, than mutual trust. Exposing this story to the entire membership is appropriate.

    This thread is a disturbing, but necessary distraction. It demonstrates to me that most members are easily worthy of our mutual trust, and that bad apples will be outed. Thanks to all.

  19. The last few pictures on his very public facebook page shows the custom rod with his ribbons. It looks far too nice to try and sell...somethings not right with this guy.
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