Resident coho for dinner: yum-yum!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. It has been a couple of weeks since I have been out fishing for resident coho. So yesterday it was time to "hookup" the boat trailer to my pickup and "hookup" some resident coho. My wife always complains that I never bring any fish home for dinner since I fish so much for sea-run cutthroat. I think that she suspects that unstead of going fishing I am spending the day at "Joe's Tavern" drinking beer, eating pickled eggs, and playing pull tabs when not playing "snookers" at the pool table. Therefore, I brought home two resident coho to "prove" to her that I do catch fish and don't spend time at "Joe's Tavern". The three pictures show: dead, filleted, and cooked fish. Yum-yum!

    The resident coho fishing was good yesterday with numerous 14 to 15 inch fish landed. They are still "feasting" on reddish/brown amphipods. There were many bonaparte gulls eating the amphipods on the water surface. Also there were a lot of small baitfish(?) that the sea gulls and seals were getting out in deeper water.

    There appeared to be a lot more resident coho around in comparison to a couple of weeks ago. Some nice sized schools of fish were found yesterday at 4 locations and only two locations a couple of weeks ago. The winter resident coho fishing is starting to look very promising. Hopefully the resident coho wil stay around for a couple of months if their food supply remains available.

    I had an interesting encounter with a shore gear fisherman who was casting what appeared to be 5 inch Point Wilson Dart or maybe a buzz bomb. There were jumping resident coho about 250 feet off shore in front of him. He was casting about 200 feet out so I decided to anchor about 300 feet off shore from him. He became irate and started yelling and jestering that "I was fishing in front of him in his water". I said that "I was well out of your casting range" He said "I'll hit your boat with my lure". I said "Go right ahead" knowing full well that I was well beyond his casting range. He tried but only got about 100 feet away form my boat. Game over!


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  2. Did you remove the pin bones? Just got a pin bone remover from Bed Bath store comes from Norway and works great.

    Your recipe looks good
  3. Great report and yummy dinner, I've been finding a few from shore, most have been around 13 or 14 inches but I
    have seen larger fish mixed in. I think most of us have encountered the buzz bomber dudes that think the whole sound belongs to them, I think I'll leave it at that.
  4. Nice report Roger. Thanks, from Joes Tavern.
    I'd be interested in what a pin bone remover looks like. A needlenose plier maybe?
  5. Thanks Daryle. I could wrap it up and be done with shopping.
  6. Sweet report
    I caught only one on Sunday
    How about the ethical jab about eating salmon over char in the advertisement

    Oh did you get any on surface patterns?
    When is the south sound rezzie tournament/ fish in
    I can take two
  7. NIce job, Roger. Same thing happened to me on my own property except I was anchoed up at high tide and as the tide receeded, the two buzz bombers came down the beach and started casting in front of me. I was only about 60 feet off shore so well in range. They nearly put two in the boat before I'd had enough.
  8. I'm really enjoying this board but the elitism that some flyfishers take to the remaining fishing public, acutally embarrasses me as a flyfisher. Not wanting to point fingers just a general observation.
  9. Elitism?
    To the 'remaining fishing public' ?
    Hm. I guess I'm not that bright.
    Can you elaborate on that?
  10. inquiring minds want to know
  11. It was the BlueMoon talking. I'm not goingt o hijack the thread. Nice fish.

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