Resident coho swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Clint F, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Connor H its ok.

  2. Okay, I improved the head wraps (I think). As for adding some other color up front, I did not have any light maribou. I tried a single white hackle wrap, interesting but I guess I did not like it. I tied some black mono eyes on a couple but did not like that either. Some stick on eyes might be nice.

    Anyway, here is what you are getting, and I just finished the batch: Sorry my photos are not that great, I hope you'll like the change of pace maroon primary color.

    Mustad 34011 #4
    Black thread, heavy
    Body, maroon/black hackle feathers, two per side. Maroon/black grizzley hackle, one per side.
    Silver flashabou for each side.
    Jet black glimmer flash for the spine.
    Maroon/black fur head/collar.

    This was my first effort at this type of pattern, and I hope you like them. This pattern is pretty neat to tie and I think I'll be tying up some more when I restock my materials cabinet. I like the fuller front end which can cover some lead wraps instead of casting barbel eyes. I can see some variations replacing some of my current flies for sure.

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  3. Mumbles, The flies look great. I cant wait to try them.

  4. Sorry guys, I'm bored so I whipped up something after looking in Les' book FFPS II and seeing a Euphausiid pattern by Bob McLaughlin tied by Preston Singletary. Sorry to both if I have not done the pattern justice. These were easy and I tied a full set for all swap participants as I'm whipping up a few things for a possible beach outing tomorrow or Thursday (anyone headed out?).

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  5. Clint I will be doing a surface pattern that I came up with and has worked great for me. Its called the pseudo slider
  6. Gary, That sounds good.

    Mumbles, All the flies look like they will catch fish.

    This looks like it will be a great swap.

  7. Mind if my epoxy baitfish goes on a tube???
  8. I dont mind Connor.

  9. decided to tie a pink foam popper that i had a blast on the other day instead of my money shrimp. i dont think im ready to share that beast with the public yet haha
  10. Your Gurgler???
  11. yes my gurgler
  12. Didn't you do that one for the res. coho swap last year, or is this a new version?? Also how did you do at Purdy today?
  13. i wasnt at purdy haha i was snowboardingboarding
  14. Hey Clint, I see my name is the only one left without a pattern next to it, so....

    I'll be sending in a peach and white baitfish tube pattern that's been my staple over the last month or so. Nothing complicated, but it's really been producing. I'll have them to you ASAP.

  15. Zach, Why dont you do some thing different. You did the gurgler in the last one change it up some. We all want to see the money shrimp. (If it makes you happy we wont put a picture of it up):rofl:

    michaels, That sounds good.

  16. :beer2:I don't think there is a money shrimp is that for calling you out Zach? Either invite me along and hand me one to use or I'll stick to the story that you are in fact making it all up.:beer2:
  18. we want the $$$$$$ shrimp man!!
  19. Im not even in this swap but it leaves me wanting the money$$$$$$ shrimp!!!!
  20. All the pressure for the Money shrimp, anything else would be such a let down. It is like Peyton Manning being named MVP only to lose in the first round. It's like drafting Tom Brady with your first pick in the fantasy draft only to lose him to a season ending injury in the first quarter of the first game...this is my life of misery, tie us up some money shrimp so my unfortunate dumb ass can trip into some rezzie coho! Er, please that is.

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