Resident coho swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Clint F, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. I'm doing my money amphipod! Mumbles, Your fly is going to dominate the schools I am fishing down here in the S.S.

    Show me the Money!
  2. Mumbles, I got the flies and they look great.

    Zach, looks like you are doing the money shrimp.

  3. Clint, my bad!!! I found the hooks I needed so the tubes are scratched... I am doin them on a short shank hook instead. will have them in the mail by friday!
  4. You pulling my leg? Dominate? Hell I was just throwing some matching material colors into the mix for a different look. I look forward to a report with lots of fish porn with my flies sticking out of their chompers.
  5. Mumbles, I have been stoked to fish with you for a while, How about you come over and try out rocky ford for some big sluggish couch potato bows???
  6. Connor, if we can work it out I'm there. I can't wait to be outfished and totally schooled by the youger generations finest. Wherethehell is Rocky Ford anyway? I drove through Moses Lake twice, once to and once back from a three day Montana buddy's wedding and of course I fished a bit. I can only catch stupid fish though, got any of those in Moses Lake or Rocky Ford? I found some in MT and have found some over here.
  7. It's more towards ephrata. I can show you the way but you have to get to moses lake first! The trout at rocky ford are STUPID. very picky but stupid. I have lined the same fish 3 times while casting for a bigger one further up only to be rejected in all 3 casts. I turned toward the closer fish and hooked up on the first cast! give me a ring and I will always be ready to wet a line!
  8. Mumbles, I am not joking. That is a great pattern for right now! Most people are throwing stuff too big for these silvers now. Check out the Doc reports. I will put money on everyone is still using baitfish and big patterns. Those fish are feeding on euphasids, and amphipods. I have had two 100+ fish days using these flies in the last few weeks...
  9. Oh, you are talking about my fifteen second bonus shrimp pattern with the red marker striped back? After all the euphasiid reports or howeverthehellyouspellthat I whipped up a dozen of those in about 15 minutes the night before going on an SRC outing. I did not even remember to bring my own along that day. I thought you were talking about my larger main fly, the sexy maroon, maroon and maroon grizzley fly. Regardless, so long as you are catching, I'm happy to have been part of stretching your line.
  10. I was not joking either mumbles. Both flies will slay fish.

  11. My tubes are tied, but I'm waiting for my softex to arrive to finish them. Should be in the mail well before the deadline.

  12. How did you get your tubes tied? I thought that process was for the misses after you had enough little ones. Softex in the mail? Flamables in the mail? There is a place that some on the shelf not far from your stomping grounds. All jokes aside, I look forward to your tube and all the other rezzie flies. Do you have next Friday free?
  13. Mumbles

    if anyone has softex on the shelf I sure as hell couldn't find it in 2 trips to poulsbo, one trip to port orchard, 3 trips to silverdale , and a trek to port angeles (not all just for the softex, but I had my eyes open). Most shops will ship softex via ups/fed-ex ground. As for the tube tying thing, lets just say that the boys are still intact, but there are a bunch of little swimmers on my tying table.

  14. Dude, I have some softex too, only one vat of it, but if your shippment is not due in soon let me know.

    Good to hear that your anatomy is not getting tied in knots. The sun is out, we should be fishing a previously frozen body of water.
  15. Beat you there. See my reply to the question about said body of water in the stillwater section.
  16. Read it, you suck. You and Ford Fenders are both off my Christmas Card list. Seriously though, great report, glad you got out. I'm so trapped inside and when I'm not it is so freaking dark outside.
  17. holy balls i have been stuck in oregon cuz of the floods all week and i already tied my gurglers. tell everyone else to tie 2 patterns and maybe ill throw in my money shrimp. besides i caught a tone on my gurglers the other day
  18. I am gonna call B.S.!!! We voted your shrimp and that you tied your gurglers last year doesn't help!!!
  19. Zach, get your ass back to the Gig and get to tying. I've already sent in my two patterns and rumor has it that I tied the money shrimp. Now I want to see what all the fuss is surrounding yours. Seems like the vote is in and we all want to see the mysterious money shrimp. You can't disappoint us all can you? Your boy Connor H has already called BS...what is it gonna be man? I'm itching to get these so I can fish.
  20. shut up your getting the gurglers now. thats my money pattern not any of yours and i actually was freakin stuck in oregon. im not tying any more flies you all get the gurglers. and mumbles that is not the money shrimp trust me its very different. hey connor i dont think there are a lot of resident coho in moses lake anyway

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