Resident coho swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Clint F, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Yeah, I'll be interested to see what was in Clint's mail today too... you get the epoxy-heads I sent yet?
  2. BTW, The epoxy baitfish are for this swap, as the little pink snot darts are for the blackmouth\coho swap...
  3. ok, I cant wait to see them.

  4. Hey Clint...

    How's the mail?
  5. Ok the list of flies I have has been updated. I am waiting on 2 which should be here soon.
    michaels I got yours, they look great.

  6. Connor, Where are they?
  7. So who do we start directing our peer pressure towards? I'm anxious to try out the new stuff!!!
  8. Just so everyone knows when you get my flies, I did not skip out on junction tubing. They are done on HMH's new hybrid tubing, so you just plug the hook directly into the tube.
  9. Start bitching at connor everyone. I am only waiting on him. If they arnt here by monday we are going without him.

  10. Connor? WTF mister? Everyone awaits your creations. Can you deliver?
  11. Come on Connor where are they? If it wasnt enough time you should have told me at the beginning. A due date is a due date. I wont be back untill sunday. I wanted to get the flies back to everyone by now so we could all try them out.

  12. Well go for it... I guess I screwed up on this one bad! I guess you can just throw both sets in the other swap? My bad guys.
  13. Connor, Connor, Connor. :beathead:

    The other swap isn't going to do me any good.

    Thanks again for hosting. Please keep the extra fly for yourself.

  14. Did you ever send them? I dont mean to be mean but there is a time when you have to say something since there are so many other guys wanting their flies back. I appriciate all the thanks, I will keep doing the swaps when I have time.

  15. Yeah, what's up Connor? Isn't that you hosting that other swap and everyone in the swap is wondering where there stuff is? Clint, I vote send 'em out, keep the extra baitfish for yourself.
  16. Go fer it...
  17. Dude, I still want to fish with you for sure whenever the planets align, but I want to fish YOUR FLIES. Are we getting some or not for heaven's sake?
  18. Connor, I still dont have your flies. I am packing them up and sending them out tomorrow weather permitting. It is snowing like crazy and shows no sign of stopping We have 4 inches already.

  19. So Clint, are they in the mail? Just so you know, the postage on mine has to be sent by the 15th or it will expire (damn 1 month expiration date on package postage from the self-service machine)
  20. They WERE sent guys. I know they will show up. Is the mail guy behind due to snow Clint?

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