Resident silvers feeding on amphipod

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Sep 22, 2004.

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    On monday was again looking for adult silvers and found a group of fish splashing around on the edge of a strong current seam. I anchored in above them but they were 50 ft. beyond casting range. I went to pull the anchor to move down nearer to the fish but it wouldn't budge. I spent 10-15 minutes letting out line and trying to motor up current to pull it loose. Doing that has always worked in the past. Had to finally cut the anchor line.

    It looked like I was done fishing for the day. But I decided to try tying a large rock onto the left over anchor line and try to find some more fish on the way back to the boat ramp.

    I stumbled onto a bay that was loaded with resident silvers(12-13") jumping and carrying on. So I dropped the rock anchor to take a crack at them. The rock bounced slow enough along the bottom so I could still make a good retrieve of the fly. Landed quite a few of them but was surprised when I unhooked a fish and it punked out a bunch of amphipod(1/8" red back/white translucent underside). Looked at the surface of the water and there were hundreds of them floating around everywhere. The fly of choice was the old standby olive/white clouser minnow stripped as fast as possible.

    Have never seen amphipods there before and at other areas the amphipods normally don't show up until winter. The give away when amphipods are around is that sea gulls will be picking at the water surface as they eat them.

    Hopefully, this food supply will keep these resident silvers around the area to provide some winter time fishing unstead of them heading into the Straits or wherever they go later on.
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    Thanks Ray,

    Great report as usual. So much good information in a short easy to read format, thanks.
  3. Roger Stephens Active Member

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    Thanks Roper. I'm just a laid-back old "fud" pushing 70 trying to pass on information about my love of fly fishing on Puget Sound before the Lord calls me home.
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    Roger, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I learn something new from every post. Most importantly, your perceptive approach to fishing the Sound - understanding run timing, food sources, and techniques - help me think about my own fishing.

    I'm sure many members agree with me that your posts are among the best on this or any other web site. Thanks!

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    Great post.
    But it's time for a two-hander. :confused: