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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by TomB, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. If they arent breakin the law..
  2. I can feel a heated debat a'brewing with this one. On one hand we have the status quo of "if they aren't breaking the law", and on the other of "the winds of change will come"...

    Personal choice is king, and I'm wondering what the end of all of this will be. Not to say that this is the same, but back in the 40's, it was completely legal to force a black man to stand on a bus if a white customer didn't have a seat. The point of this is, that legal does not make right, and morality and law are not the same.

    There are lots of ways to slice and dice it, and my personal would be to favor the wild fish and to not support the resturants serving the fish. But then again there is substantiative evidence that some form of harvest is not harmful to the long term viability of wild fish. After all native americans harvested said fish or centuries without destroying the runs....

    Why all the rambling? Because it is scientifically reasonable that wild harvest isn't what is going to push our steelhead over the edge. And it is completely within the rights of the law to continue said harvest. But in my mind the "right thing to do" is boycott the consumption of this product, as any little bit to help is better than nothing.

    All in all, I personally don't see any harm in folks writing resturants on the impacts of their food choices. It's not often that you see enough personal energy to have someone stand up and say enough is enough. In this case, I think I'll side with Tom and send an email. It doesn't make me right, or better, but it does make me feel that I've contributed to helping out our fisheries.

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  3. then the only reason to email is for reservations :confused: Some things looked tasty on that menu...I guess it's close to dinner time now. Time for pagliacci pizza and a Mirror Pond Pale Ale ...:) bye
  4. James, I'm just picking this out because others may want to do some research on their own. I respect you on this board because of your middle of the road stance on most issues and can tell you're very informed when it comes to most fisheries issues.

    Having said that. People need to look up the steelhead escapement numbers for the past few years from the Hoh River. When you see those numbers you'll know that the Hoh should not be used right now for commercial harvest and probably not recreational CnR of wild steelhead. Pretty steady decline in those numbers.
  5. Judas Priest " Breakin' the Law, breakin' the Law " I liked that song...
  6. Thanks for posting this Tom.

    Makes you wonder how much wild steelhead is on the all you can eat buffet bars at the local casinos every night...

    Here's an idea - half serious....

    There are several hundred out of work hippie wannabe's downtown looking for any exuse to 'stick it to the man' they can find. Why not rally some of them up to picket, march, and protest in front of these fine establishments (establishment = 'the man' = evil)?

  7. Just another angle I never thought of...and probably true. Not good :(
  8. Pbbbbphh.... That would be work. Hippies don't work.

  9. .....they are still killing fish from a run that has failed to meet its escapement the majority of years recently
  10. It may not be breaking the law but it is my opinion that the sale of wild steelhead (which is designated by the state as a sportfish) should not be sold for commercial purposes. Although this has been ongoing for many years, I can't believe more people are not in opposition to this. The menu doesn't state whether the fish are wild or not but it would be very unethical, in my opinion, if they were, considering the current health of Hoh river steelhead.
  11. restaurant's unlimited had steelhead awhile back at Palisades and now they don't!
    how did that change happen ?!!
  12. Well the way things are going for me it could be the closest I get to a steelhead.

  13. Ryan posted over on the speypages that the owner, after numerous emails, has taken steelhead off the menu and has "vowed" to look into the issue further. Classy as far as i can see if he, as was stated above,, wasn't breaking any laws:thumb:
    Salmon Chaser
  14. Tom and all,
    This issue has been dealt with to the satisfaction of WFFC, NWFA, WSC and a whole lot of individuals belonging to other clubs, via my e-mail tree. The response was strong but polite. Schwartz Brothers have removed Hoh River Steelhead from the Chandler's Crabhouse menu. We will continue to keep and eye on them though. They've been told twice before.
    Thanks to all who sent in an e-mail.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  15. Thanks Less and to all those envolved in nipping this in the bud. Legal or not, all here should know its just wrong.
  16. Is it true that the wild steelhead on the menu was replaced with beer battered spotted owl?? Probably just a rumor...
  17. Les == the man! Thanks a ton for this...
  18. Why serve owl when it only tastes like chicken? Now Bald Eagle... that's another thing... You gotta avoid the ones that are eating salmon carcasses as they taste all skanky... But the ones that eats nothing but berrys and sweet grass... YUM!
  19. My take on this is vote differently and get the laws changed instead of harassing a guy for obeying the law.

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