Restricting Guides Services on Some Rivers?

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    Not sure that I've read it in this thread yet but how about this:

    If the no fishing from a floating device happens, and I'm NOT saying I believe this is THE answer, then all those prime swinging runs will be a lot more crowded. How many swing fishermen have seen the boats pass by? Well they won't be passing by. They will be coming to the top of the run to take their swing through it. There may be some locations where this will work, but not all. Again, so much here is being pushed on the guides. Maybe too much. Sure, they are earning their living working hard using a public resource. They are putting public clients into the fisheries because those clients ask them to. If the guide licensing is in need of ajustment, that is another matter. There are still a lot of reasons that contribute to the problems we see now. Without all the finger pointing about who's to blame and who's doing it wrong the question remains. How the hell do we improve the fisheries so that the fishing experience is good and the runs are sustainable?
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    Also, what is a whitewater season pass. I thought those where for skiing pow in canada.

    and i still think a public lottery would be the best solution. Again, it works well at protecting other resources that are effected by human impact. There is currently working models of this too, that could be used as guides/examples before implementing it on new systems.

    While most of the current lotterys are for wild and senic /wilderness rivers I think it could be effectively applied to other rivers as well. I know there are also hunting lotteries. Not sure how they work though. Is it a lottery for "one animal" or are they region based?
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    I have to say I am against lottery systems. There is just something about them that totally turns me off. It begins to feel like paying to fish in a trout pond. I dislike pay to play schemes. If you want to increase season license fees, fine. Conservations stamps, awesome too. But as soon as I have to pick a river and a day and pay extra for that it just bothers me. I feel like the exclusivity of that is unacceptable. I would hate to see our rivers turns into something like what has happened in Ireland and GB in general. I'll pay $1000 at the beginning of the season, but I want to be able to choose at 2:30 in the morning where I am going to go based off of current conditions and my whims.
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    Guys, look at the Deschutes in Oregon. No fishing from a floating device. People still fish gear, people still nymph, people still swing. Yes it is crowded at times and places, but it is such a better experience than the Klick.
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    I don't think that there's anything wrong with SR and I'd wager that anyone, regardless of how many miles they've logged would take away some valuable information from it. If you're that against it then you probably haven't taken the class.
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    I don't know what SR is.

    Sorry for the delay getting back on, but as a guide, I had to check out as I donate about 10 hours a week right now for 7 weeks teaching kids at a middle school about flyfishing and flycasting.

    Hah! No, I haven't taken the class but I am fairly familiar with what they teach. Yes, there's valuable information there but when it comes to application of such and currency, 4 days ain't gonna get it...that's where a SWR cert comes up short.

    Dustin, I'll boat with you anytime and you're more than welcome up here. Several whitewater companies run seasons pass deals. Wild and Scenic out of Glacier's +- $350 and you can run as much as you want on the NF Nooksack and Sauk Whitechuck to Bachman when there's trips...during the season about 7 days a week. Other companies do the same on the Sky and further south.

    Don't get me wrong. My WFR is in June. My safety/gear boaters know more than I do but I'll always give them a run for their money. They can't do a complete neuromusculoskeletal examination in Spanish.

    Guides might put people on "your stretch" of water but they're certainly not even close to being even a tertiary issue in our Washington fishery.

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    Hey Jeff,

    Yeah...I might have a few thoughts and those are thoughts that I actively put efforts towards. Kind of off topic but I'll roll.

    In my opinion, over-harvest is definitely one of our primary issues; so, as conservationists of our Washington fisheries we absolutely must take a much more active approach in supporting recreational sportfishing organizations that are involved in NOF. MSY is complete BS.

    I would also look at derelict net issues, not only on the Sound, but also in our rivers. There are poachers that gill net and lose nets. The Tribes have a treaty right to fish but they lose some nets. That being said, derelict nets on the river have no place especially with our ESA listed fish.

    I am in the process of organizing an "Eyes in the Woods" program on the Nooksack watershed since we only have 2 land-based WDFW enforcement officers. We're up to 14 people and we haven't even scratched the surface yet. There appear to be people who do not recognize fishing "seasons" here. I hear that's the case on a number of other Washington rivers.

    Habitat is another biggy especially on the SF of the Nooksack in my area. We see water temperatures that are way, way to high for our spawning fish and those fish rearing. Luckily, we have funded entities trying to fix that. Unluckily, we have a huge park they're trying to put in on the SF without thought of impact. A gravel mine to boot. For another challenge thrown at the SF, prospectors have been allowed for the second year on the Nooksack after a ten year hiatus.

    We have routine squatters camps at the US bridge and Maggie's rock. They stay for the summer and crap all over the river bank. Us local guys who care, pick up all there chiat as best we can once they leave. It appears that the proposed gate where we launch/takeout at the US bridge will not be installed. It will however become "Day light hours use only". Since there are numerous entities involved including Burlington Northern, DNR, DOE and the NT, it has been a shit show to try and fix the problem while still maintaining access to a launch/takeout used by us rec guys.

    So, that's a little about my home river.

    And you?

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    has anyone shown actual research on guide or drift boat impact yet?