Retirement Fishing Party Rocky ford in Feb

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. To all.

    I have request my retirement from the Coast Guard after 22 years of service. Looks like my retirement will be July 1st.

    So, I am getting a few friends and my brother to hit Rocky Ford for a great last fling. We will be staying over night in Ephrata! I will post when actual date is.

    It will be just an eventful day, fun talking, fishing and getting to know one another. I hope not to be loud and annoy anyone, but if anyone knows me I like to have fun. I take fishing serious, but fun is always apart of my seriousness.

    My family and I will be moving back to Chesterton Indiana (July), so anyone in the area beware I will be back and lets get up together and have fun!

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  2. Depends on the date i may be able to make it. One of my soldiers are due in and should have leave at that time. I owe him a trip.
  3. Jerry,

    Understand that whole heartedly! Would be great if you could show but understand. Would love to be with you at some of your visits. Just give me a message and I would love to be there, in uniform if necessary !


    P.S. by the way I am going through some of my fishing stuff and will have some things to donate to the cause. I know I could get money for this if sold but to donate back to your cause means a lot more. I will have some rods and reels going your way!
  4. Please let me know the date and I will see if I can make it I really enjoy meeting new ppl.
  5. I think one of the times maybe the late in the month of Feb. Maybe one of the last two weeks of Feb. I sure he will post more.
  6. Before the snakes awake ;)
  7. What takes you to Indiana and away from the fishing mecca of the Rocky Mountain West?
  8. Congratulations on your retirement. 22 years is no small accomplishment...thanks for your service. As a recent 26 year retiree, I can definitely say life gets better. Enjoy!
    And dependent on the date, I may be a "show" as well.
  9. I should be home in February. I'm not retired but I'm in for some fishing and meeting new folks.

  10. I'd like to participate, but may not be fully-recovered from surgery on my casting arm. Please keep me posted. Congrats on your pending retirement.
  11. Again thank you all for your replies. I am leaving today for 3 weeks to go to LA/LB area for CG Inspections. Will be back around the 25th Jan. By then I will have a more definite date on when we will be going over and will post.

    Have a good Jan fishing! cause I will have no time while in LA/LB, maybe may go to the casting club and see what's brewing over there! If I cant log on while away I will have my brother "John Wallace" post for me.

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  12. Damn. My casting mentor is leaving me? I'm destined for a life of collapsing loops and skunkings.

    I'm there
  13. Bring along a kid to cast for you, then all you need to do is mend and set the hook.
  14. Can I call you "Kid?" And will you bring me beer/whiskey on command?
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  15. I'll make it a point to go either way. I was just mentioning I have a soldier coming in from Afghanistan I wanted to take steelheading on his return.
  16. And I'll forgo fishing to help him, Jerry. I sincerely doubt that I'll be able to cast, but I'll surely be able to assist should you folks decide to head to the Ford. Helping a soldier fish beats me fishing hands-down & every time.
  17. I'll cast for you, and pass the flask once in awhile. Depending on when you go, it may be my birthday. Traditionally we go skiing somewhere on my birthday. This year it may be fishing.
  18. I'll bring a net and some PBR's. I can forgo some fishing to help as well!
  19. Congrats on your retirement. I will not be in Washington until April otherwise I would try to join you. Thank you for your service.

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