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  1. All great responses, thanks. As far as the "cultural activities", I'm not looking for a lot of high brow stuff but as was mentioned community theater, passing art show, and such would make my wife's life more pleasant. I like to have decent restaurants (not chains), wine bars, and places to see live music once and a while. As for winter, that is one area we need to agree on. We lived on the shores of Lake Ontario so we aren't afraid of snow or driving in it, but my wife got pretty sick of the length of winter in Rochester. Next thing I knew we were living in Orlando - UGH! Of course, that puts traffic in perspective, as well.

    I realize there is no perfect location to satisfy all needs and wants, but being a displaced Eastcoaster I'm felling there must be better locations than the Tri-Cities, WA. Vladimir, we are considering Walla Walla as a possibility. If our girls and their families stay in Tri-Cities then Walla Walla would be close.

    Thanks, again for everyone's suggestions. Exploring all the possible places will be an enjoyable journey.

  2. At the risk of offending half of you, my short-form indicator re cultural activities is a town in which the main or only radio station does NOT play mostly country 'n western:p
  3. Amen, Mac. There are 3 things you should never do in public:

    Pick your nose


    Listen to country music

    Words to live by.

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  4. Stay in Washington....we need the tax revenue.

    In all seriousness, give back by volunteering your time to something in the community. I've seen far too many folks retire and just...grow old.

    Guys like yourself have lots to give back. God knows we need it. The Greatest Generation...piratically forgotten. It's sad really. Whatever you end up doing, it can't come soon enough though, right? :)
  5. Not to worry Dave. My intention is to do something related to feeding people. The reality that there are people in this country don't have enough to eat really bothers me. Plus I owe Meals on Wheels a big payback for what they did for my grandmother, saving her life when she had fallen in her house. I look forward to planning our future and can't wait to be able to wake up in the morning and do what I want to do.

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  6. Interesting thread since last week my wife turned in her notice (officially) and we'll be in ta-ta, adios, goodbye mode ourselves. Our goals are the same as yours, so we've settled on a small community in coastal Florida. We considered a number of locations, including Boise, Sante Fe, and some areas in Arizona, I'm tired of cold, wet, dark, long winters. Sadly, Sante Fe has been Californicated as has a few areas of Arizona, and Boise has snow so we're heading back to the Southeast. Hello Sunshine State...and year around fishing...and great football fever...and, (yes, I know it gets hot down there, lived in the South from 1971 through 1992, loved it) true barbecue.
  7. Hey Upton, I have a townhouse in Orlando I would love to sell.
  8. Having been born in Ft. Lauderdale, moved away when I was about 9 and back a couple times for fun and business travels, there is something about having near year round sunshine and fishing every direction (both fresh and saltwater) that is alluring. Still, not sure I can be away from the Rocky Mountain West...decisions, decisions. Perhaps simply full time RV travel going any and every damn where one's internal compass wants is the best option :).
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  9. Steve, thanks for the condo alert but we're contracted for a house already. Plus, Orlando is not an area we would settle in. Ft. Lauderdale, as Freestoneangler says, could be alluring.
  10. Hell, all the ice in the poles is going to melt and you will soon be under water. I would rethink your retirement plans.
  11. Hell, I am retiring and moving to Washington because I thought you could fish the year around there. Here you have to drill a hole in the ice and stand in the wind and endure temperatures in the teens and if you are lucky you might catch a blue gill.
  12. Bought a condo in Hailey, ID a couple years back when the economy went in the tank. Plenty of "culture" up the road in Ketchum, walking distance to the Big Wood River, and an easy drive to more lakes and rivers than I could fish in a lifetime. Just need to tread water for a couple more years and the wife and I are outta' here.
  13. You can, which is one of the nice things about this area. I retire in 8 years and have no plans to relocate from western wa.
    Based on the posts, it seems like a fair amount of folks intend to relocate out of state in their retirement years.
    Rivers, lakes or the salt always offer some place to fish on the wetside. As far as weather goes, I'd rather rust then burn or freeze.
    I can take trips if I need hot weather or to give my ice auger a workout.
    I had acreage in Eastern Wa but no longer do. Not being close enough to saltwater was a deal breaker for me. After fishing Puget Sound for 50+ years it still as a strong allure for me.
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  14. At 53 years old ,the one thing I don't worry about is retirement. With the present state of afairs in this country I don't even Qualify for full s.s. until I'm 68 years old and the way the government is starting to tax the current workers to pay for all the B.S. free ride programs. I doubt that I will ever be done paying for the mass of freeloaders that inhabit this country. So my new retierment plan is to go to prison and get free tv,free,
    medical care , free landury , a free libary pass,& no job. welcome to the new America P.s. I'll have lots of free time to tye flies, E-mail me to get on my mailing list!
  15. Yeah bennysbuddy and free nightly prostate exams. Sounds great!:(
  16. I am looking forward to complaining about the heat when it is 80 degrees and thinking cold is in the 30's. No more 100 degree days and below zero nights for me. It will take me a long time to explore all the fishing possibilities and there are a lot of great beers to try out on the west coast also. Plan to relocate there in April of next year and start fishing. I'm thinking of getting a pram so I don't have to wear myself out kicking around in my float tube.
  17. Some of us also consider family in our retirement location. I have 4 grandkids from 1 to 7 years old all living in Ferndale. Wouldn't want to get too far away from them! Having grown up in San Jose CA, I find constant sunshine is over rated! Actually, from our place in Winthrop, I can think of 3 restaurants that are as good as any I go to in Seattle and better than I can find in Bellingham. There is a great community theater (The Merc in Twisp) and fishing and bird hunting very close by. Weather is ideal IMO and it has the best xcountry skiing in the country. (the Loop is not a bad small downhill area as well). Only drawback I can see for full timing here is health care as the nearest hospital is 45 minutes and the best near by health care in Wenatchee (90 minutes) Upton-I'm surprised you are leaving duck hunting for Florida, but if you lived there in the past, I guess you know about the hot humid, hurricane filled summers! No place is really ideal for weather as there is always a bad season! We will probably maintain a home base in Ferndale, use Winthrop a lot, and take a travel trailer to the south for a couple months when we need a sun break in the winter. Plus, the fishing in New Zealand is pretty nice when we are in the depths of winter, and my wife loves Ascention Bay for bonefish occasionally! Rick

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