reverse spider?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by cuponoodle breakfast, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Here is some good criticism:

    1) shape the body much more carrot like. Taper the chenille which would be fat at the eye and thin at the tail.

    2) use less tail and make sure to keep it on top of the hook shank.
    Also make them a little shorter, just to keep from getting short strikes which is all so common with SRC's.

    3) only use 2/3rds of the shank for the body so there will be enough to hook properly.

    Otherwise, nice work. Did you whip finish by hand?
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    Thanks for the tips! I will give them all a try as soon as I get offline. :BIGSMILE And, yes, I whip finish by hand--no tools involved. That's not because I don't have a whip finish tool, but because I haven't mastered the one that came with my Cabela's tying kit. :BLUSH
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    in the above photo it looks like the hackle is wrapped around the hook, kind of like a collar. is that true? also, would it be rude or improper to ask the address/phone of patricks? jer
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    Yes, the hackle is wrapped around the hook behind the eye like a collar. Doing that can be a bit of a pain, though--for the novice that I am. As far as the address/phone for Patrick's, here it is:

    Patricks Fly Shop
    2237 Eastlake Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102
    (206) 325-8988
    (800) 398-7693 (toll-free)
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    cool! thanks for the info. jer
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    Tied about a dozen spiders, reverse spiders today. I'm having a hard time with a whip finisher on the reverse spider with all the feathers in the way. anybody got an easy solution? :DUNNO YT
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    Don't use a tool and use your hands instead. This way you can create a large enough loop to go over the feathers and only around the chenille. :pROFESSOR DNE
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    I have a article on the reversed spyder. It's from Fly Tying magazine fall of 97. I would be more than happy to scan the article and send email it to you.

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    Reeltrout : Go see Mike Kinney at Creekside. Some credit Mike with the creation of this fly. It is really a weird looking fly with hackle tied forward of the head of the hook. I learned how to tie it a month ago but missed the sea run cutt fishing due to extended soccer season. Good luck.

    You might also try Swede's fly shop in Woodinville for materials.
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    Here's a photo of a couple of reverse spiders that I tied. They were inspired by Preston's directions, the examples I saw at Patrick's Fly Shop, and the picture in the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club's _Flies of the Northwest_. I am far from an expert tier, and these are hardly as nice as the ones I saw at Partick's (done with Amherst feathers) or the one in Flies of the Northwest. Still, I hope they will soon earn me some SRC's in the near future. I hope the photo works out. It was shot at the lowest resolution setting on my digital camera just to make the size limitation for photos.

    Tight Lines!
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