Reversed Parachute Emerger

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Big E, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Playing around at the vice tonight and decided to try out a new technique...

  2. When I tied this I was happy with how the parachute turned out but am still undecided about the dubbing choice....
  3. thats really cool. whats the parachute wrapped around? i think it'd do good with a light brown/mahogany color dubbing
  4. You ask a lot of good questions...

    Does this help you?

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  5. ahhh, that's the same technique used in the flagship emerger i think. wrapping farther up the chute and tying the whole parachute down like a shellback.
  6. No...that technique is called a paraloop....hackle wrapped up a post, laid horizontal and tied off.

    The technique used to tie my fly was originated by Ned Long, modified by Terry Hellekson.
  7. Don't make me go get Gene and have him give away comic books for guessing the correct answer. :D
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  8. Since no one wants to's a mono-loop parachute but alternatively wrapped around one side of the mono loop so that all the fibers are trapped by the loop drawn tight on itself. Only downside is that it takes about twice the wraps of hackle vice conventionally wrapped parachutes.

    This technique, which I'd say was more recently popularized by Roy Christie, is explained in more detail in 'The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference' (Leeson & Schollmeyer, 1998) pages 397 - 399.

    IMO a must-have book for every flytier.
  9. lol thanks, i tried to find it but couldn't. thanks for the book reference to, going to look into that one.

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