review: beulah 10'8 7wt platinum

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by hydrological, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. scandi, skagit, wow! i've been skeptical of shorter switches in the past, no more. effortless tng casts, short- plus 80 ft. just plain fun for trouting. a mini-gun.
  2. You think you've got your 'Jollies' now for a 'trouter?' Just wait till you cast a 3, 4, or 5. Small hint here: When you get down to these light rods/grain weight lines hold the rod in your finger tips (not your hands!). Have a 3wt and can easily hit 70 - 90 foot of line/leader to fly off the reel. Only 'problem' is at that range you can't see the danged thing! Usually run full floater waking flies, look down the line and guess the leader length and look for a tiny wake being made by the fly.

    Works a treat on Montana rivers.
  3. Thanks, Fred. most of my time with a two hander is nov. thru mar. and that's our windiest season.
    and by wind, i mean cinch down your hat! in addition, i'm mostly throwing 3.5" and up weighted streamers and fast polys/tips. i've played with a 5wt some, but mostly felt under-gunned. maybe someday my spey casting will catch up to my single handed game. then, maybe i can getrdun with a lighter rod. fortunately we have strictly wild fish here, and many big enough give the 7 a good wourkout.
  4. With that kind of fishing, a 5wt would be totally 'under gunned.' To put it mildly. ;>) With the type of flies you're chucking, grain weight wise, you're under lined by a minimum of 100 grains. Maybe 150?
  5. I've been thinking about jumping into the 2-hand game and buying myself a retirement rod & line(s). Not having a shop closer than 200 miles makes it hard to choose. I got the chance to stop into Kiene's in Sacramento and handle a few on Friday. Really liked the Beulah Platinum, also looked at the Orvis Access. Was not impressed with their handle and reel seat and I've heard there are some issues with these. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Echo3 in comparable size, anyone tried this one yet? I also liked the TFO Deer Creek model. I hope to get back there when they get the Echo3 and actually cast a couple of them before making a decision.
  6. I ordered a 7108 from James with matching skagit head. I rigged it with 10 feet of T-11 and fished it on the peninsula recently and this little setup was a blast on the upper section of a river I fished where the water was small. Didn't get to put a bend in it, the 8124 platinum did the grunt work like a champ, but I am stoked on this little switch rod. I'll be using it for steelhead on smaller rivers but it will be my go-to coho rod come September I am sure. -Loren

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