Reviews TFO TiCR X 8wt Fly Rod? & Sage Xi2 8wt....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by SHARP, May 10, 2010.

  1. Looking into purchasing one of these..... I have had great luck so far with my first TFO. Great Warranty, Price, Etc. Looking for a faster rod that can be used for SH, Salmon and Saltwater....

    Tell me what you think.......
  2. I had a TiCrX 8wt that used for saltwater. It is a really powerful stick but tends to not be overly accurate. That may or may not be important for you (ie. sightfishing it's really important, but searching the water blind casting less so). It does require some concentration on technique and timing, but it would sure bomb out line, even into the wind. I gave it to a guide in Baja who wanted a flyrod last fall. I'm wavering bewtween the TiCrX again or an Axiom, since either one would be a backup rod for my G. Loomis CC GLX.
  3. If $$ are not an issue, the Xi2 is the best choice; it's a better rod. But, not by a lot. If $$ are an issue, the TiCrX is the better value. Both are powerful rods that for most people should be uplined to get them to load well. Both of these rods are great with either a floating line or shooting head setup with heavy shooting heads.

    With regards to roh's accuracy comments, I find that most accuracy issues are rarely equipment ailments. The TFO TiCrX has much more accurate than the skills of most casters can utilize.
  4. Take a look at a TiCr, I have a 5 wt (never casted th. 8) by it's got a lot of backbone...
  5. I have the TICR-X in a 6 wt for beach fishing and it is an absolute cannon. I fish a Airflo 40+ 7 wt on it and it flat out launches. Probably not the rod I'd go to for smaller fish and delicate presentations, but for the beach when distance, big flies, and wind is the name of the game its ideal. I can't speak to the Sage, but I'm sure its a fine rod. If money was at all a concern I'd probably lean towards the TFO.

  6. TiCr X in 8wt bought because I needed a Chum taming rod. Fast action (a bit heavy) but really manages to send out a lot of line, and accurately in my opinion. Handles chum with tons of backbone and if anything ever were to happen to it, no hassle warranty is awesome. (Sage warranty is awesome too). I upline mine one weight, just like Denny says, and told me to do as well. I also got the two handed conversion kit, not to make it a true two handed stick, but for the two handed overhead casting ability to reach really far...and so far it has impressed in that category too. I have never cast the TiCr or the Sage Xi2, but having my experience with this TFO TiCrX I'd do it again if I was seeking a rod to do what it has proven capable of doing.
  7. Since the Xi2 is no longer in production and is now the Xi3, you can get good deals on one online. I bought one on e-bay several months ago and it is a great rod. Took it to Ascention Bay and the guide said it was his favorite bonefish rod. Rick
  8. Hey, that guide told me that my GLX was his favorite rod, and then he told my buddy that his Helios was his favorite rod and then told my other buddy that . . . :)
  9. Good point Denny-it is really what rod you like rather than the guide! In this case, the guide was Enrique from, and we were fishing Isla Blanca, north of Cancun. The rod he had in the boat was an Xi2 with a Sage reel just like my set up-just a coincidence I think! BTW, my back up rods are a GLX 8wt 9', and a Winston BL5 9wt, 9' and I really like all those rods about equally well. Rick
  10. I just realized that no one has said go cast them for yourself. Generally that is one of the first suggestions. I have never touched an Xi2 but hear good things about them. I do have the TiCrX in the 8wt. If you need to cast one and can't find one at a shop we could probably work something out.
  11. Apples and Oranges..... USA vs Korea....Go cast and see for yourself.
  12. I love apples (fuji's are nice) and oranges. I like many american foods, others not, and same with korean foods. There are some very good american and foreign made fly rods out there....and some are great for you and others might not be. I encourage everyone to put redington on their list when opting for a new rod purchase, their rods have greatly improved over the past several years. That list should also include echo and tfo, plus whatever else you can try. Good LUCK!
  13. Denny I just got to the board for the first time in a few days. I would agree with your accuracy comment, except that the Loomis CC GLX delivers the fly much more precisely for me. This may reflect my casting style versus the rod action, but my comment was based on my actual experience. I used the TFO as my only saltwater stick for 2 years before getting the Loomis.
  14. Ed, if I had read this post earlier, I would have brought my Xi2 for you to cast. It's a rocket with an Outbound line and the workmanship is, well, Sage. I also have two Redington CPS 8 wt. rods and when I looked at the test results, I was not surprised. I don't understand why they decided to quit making them. They are really good for the money considering both cost leass than the single Xi2.
  15. Love my TICR X 8WT....just finished handling a huge Ling Cod with it this weekend. For the money it's a great deal. I got the additional section for a spey conversion but haven't used it yet. If I had the money I'd for G Loomis and Sage equipement but for the cost TFO delivers.

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