Rezzy Coho and SRC shrimp pattern swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Hey Kelvin, nice of you to color out the tree line. How am I going to find the fat slab hole now? You dog.
  2. If there is room, I would like to join. Thanks.
  3. I like tacos too
    Prawn Tacos
    you are in

    We are full get tying
  4. This is the direction I'm working. It's a smaller epoxy shrimp. This is on an SC15 #6.
  5. Nicely done , as usual. Can't wait to have one.
  6. Is this to be a mail in or a face to face swap? I think I missed that somewhere. I tied mine up this past weekend since the weather was so bad.
  7. My vote is for a face to face swap. I think we all had a great time at the articulated madness swap.
  8. im in for that if its on a friday somewhere relitively close. got my patterns picked ill post pics soon, almost done tyin em.
  9. I don't think we vote. It's whatever the Swapmeister decides. I like face to face swaps but mailing works, too. The initial problem with face to face swaps is that regardless of when and where, there's always someone who can't get there. I'm in for either but just asked the question as a point of clarification.
  10. I won't be able to make a face to face since I live in Eugene but I can definitely try to get them to the swapmeister in time for the gathering.
  11. lets do face to face if most people can do that
  12. Kerfwappie As expected a beautiful pattern I can not want to fish
  13. the weather broke just long enough for me

    although this was on one of my flat wings not my new shrimp pattern

    looks like we are doing a face to face Steve
  14. Suits me fine. Just tell me where and when. I'm ready.
  15. Steve those are KILLER SHRIMP
  16. so if we're doing a face to face swap when and where will it be??
  17. kingston?
    gig harbor?
    steve's place?
  18. Wow! I'm half completed with my "Hood Canal Orange Crush" (HCOC) shrimp.

    If we do a face to face, Gig Harbor, Tacoma is fine with me. Seems Tacoma is somewhat halfway for eastside or westside for travel.... :hmmm:
  19. Given my work schedule this time of year, I won't be able to make a face-to-face but I'll have mine to Kelvin before the deadline.

    I'm doing a simplified and slightly flashy General Practitioner variant I call the Intern. It worked very well for Rezzies last season with a slow twitch in calmer waters when they were spooky.


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