Rezzy Coho and SRC shrimp pattern swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Mine went in the mail today.
  2. As did mine!
  3. So only 3 of us may show up at the Tides Tavern?? :hmmm:
  4. I will be there. I hope some others show as well.
  5. looks like three of us
    Should we still meet or you wanna mail to me
    I am ok with three of us

    I may try to go to Mumbles two hander gathering as well then go fishing
  6. OUR two handed gathering, I'm just one ugly dude that is hoping to be there. I'll look forward to seeing you there too! Sorry I did not get in on this one. My shrimp pattern talent is less than acceptable at this time. I'll practice up for the next go around.
  7. 1 Kelvin -done
    2 Steve Saville-done
    3 Keffwappie receivied -12-1
    4 Zack Dudley receivied -12-1
    5 Banzi
    6 Thomas Mitchell receivied -12-1
    7 Daconil
    8 Dry Fly Larry -done
    9 hendersonbaylocal-in the mail?
    10 Zach M
    11 Chris Johnson receivied -12-1
    12 Pelhament receivied -11-30

    please let me know if you are planning on meeting in person
    I am I think Dry Fly Larry is and I know Steve is
    everyone else???

    the patterns all look great so far
  8. Modest as always
  9. Well, I have a "hall pass" for that night and would like to get out but if you would prefer, I can mail them and we can cancel. You're the Meister. Let me know what you decide. If you want them mailed, you'll need to PM your address to me.
  10. I'm still up for a light beer or two. You call it Kelvin. It's possible that I might have to leave a bit early, but probably not. I'll probably be there by 6:30 ish.
  11. I am going to try to make it. Seeing how the week goes and I have a wedding to attend on Saturday.
  12. let's meet

    why not
  13. flies are in the mail. you should see them today or tomorrow.
  14. I will be there at the Tides.
  15. Headed out shortly.
  16. Hey Trevor, now I understand your avatar!

    And Kelvin! I forgot to get the clam bisque recipe from you!!!!! Darn. It was a great swap! Nice flies! Real nice. Thanks for putting this one together! I going to the vice to build some reverse spiders also. :thumb:
  17. It was great to get out on a hall pass. Also, great to see you guys again and put some more faces to names. The flies are OUTSTANDING ! I'll be looking forward to the after Christmas swap, Trevor. It sounds like fun.

    Kelvin, thanks for putting this one together. It was good to see you again.
  18. good to see you and all again
    Great you are feeling better !
    Let me know when you're ready to go fishing!

    I will post some pictures in next couple of days
  19. flies should be in the mail tomorrow and I will get some photos u
    there are some great ties in this batch
    coho beware!
  20. Just received my flies in the mail. Excellent ties all of you. I'm looking forward to the fish I'll be taking with these beauties. Wow. Thomas, your General Practitioner is a work of art.
    Thanks guys.

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