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  1. Are these feathers wound like a hackle or fibers cut from the stem and tied in?
  2. i have seen them done both ways. also, i have seen patterns that called for tying them into a "dubbing loop" and tying the loop on. I have tied them in in clumps and in a loop, but not personally tyed them in like a palmered hackle
  3. I prefer to tie by the clump as it's easier to get the proper spacing, or adjust if you need to. I usually tie on 3 sides too, as I don't think all 4 are necessary and it saves money over time...
  4. Moving on to Intruders Eunan?

  5. I hope so :cool:
    We would see some sweet ones!
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  6. both
  7. not sure about intruders yet - a bit daunting for me;).
  8. I call BS.
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  9. They're coming :)
  10. Hey Eunan - how's the Rhea??
    Actually - I'm just bumping this thread.:cool:

  11. aint bought any rhea yet! it'll be a while before you see intruders from me.....;)
  12. OK - I'd upload some of mine but my picture taking skills are weak at best.
    Good tying!!
  13. Never tied using Rhea, but a coworker raised them. One escaped, so I made signs for him to post. He didn't like the signs . . . "Gone - a Rhea"
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  14. ok fellas, interest has piqued.

    Learn me about intruders....can i tie them on a hook, or are they always on shanks?
    Colors to go for, or good established pattern recommendations would be much appreciated.
    Watched April's video from germany the other day....think i could do it no problems....

    Educate me!
  15. A guy once showed me, he soaks the whole feather in warm water for quite a while, then trips the feather into 2 and uses it for hackle on our spey flys. I do the same with ostrich herl
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  16. looks too easy. i'll get right one it.

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