Ridiculous Simms Warranty Policy

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    We live in an "entitled" society anymore. I wouldn't doubt for a second, that if your post was read in most State Universities, that half would think you were serious, and that you should get another pair.

    I use to work at a casino, where the bonus were huge, paid vacation time was unreal (awesome!) and they fed us everyday, all day, anything we wanted (including ice cream)... and about a third of the employees would complain about one or two of the options to eat.

    There were about 18 or 20 different things to choose from (hot dishes and cold)... all free, and all incredibly tasty.

    Oh yeah, and your breakfast, breaks and lunch time.... was all on the company time. Meaning, you got paid to eat really good food. Still, some complained.
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    Once there was this boy who's parents never wanted to deprive him of anything so if he wanted a cookie, they gave him a cookie, if he wanted multiple cookies, they gave him multiple cookies, if he wanted different kinds of cookies they gave him different kinds of cookies. One day the parents realized that it may not be the best idea to indulge their child in such a potentially harmful way so they decided that the child could only eat one cookie a day. Of course he pitched the mother of all fits and while eating his cookie he would complain, lacking the ability to enjoy it. It took him years to ever fully appreciate the cookie.

    Once there was this boy who's parents never wanted to indulge their child inappropriately but unfortunately they struggled with a healthy balance. This boy NEVER was given cookies of any kind, ever! One day the parents realized that it may not be the best idea to deprive their child of potentially enjoyable things so they decided that the child could eat one cookie a week. Of course he jumped up and down ecstatic for the opportunity and loved every one of those cookies with all his might.

    This is a story I tell my students every year about the concept of entitlement and fairness. Afterwards they never ever complain about something being not fair in the classroom because they know that at least they still get a cookie.
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    At least he had good taste in waders!

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