WTB Riding Buffalo trained in Wolf Defense

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by xdog, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. xdog Active Member

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    Looking to buy or trade for a young or youngerish, saddle broke Bison Bull that has been trained in wolf, bear and cougar defense.

    I have a nice surplus of Adams, Female Adams, Parachute Adams and or recycled, sanitized, kiln dried popsicle sticks available for trade.

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  2. Brady Burmeister Active Member

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    You need to break that buffalo yourself. It wont happen otherwise.
  3. David Loy Senior Moment

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    How about a stump broke Labrador, cheap.
  4. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    Have you considered a Camel or Ostrich?
  5. Denny Active Member

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    Now, that is some funny shee-yit, right there.
  6. Runejl Josh

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    Like this one? I want one also!
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  7. South Fork Active Member

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    This is a larger bull that I could possibly sell. You don't even need a saddle on this bull. Very Gentle, and while he looks dead, is actually just sleeping.

    If you had Hi-Vis Parachute Adams I may be interested in a trade. But not really interested in the standard stuff.

    Here is a pic.

  8. quadradomus Member

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    Say what??? .... I guess I"m ignant. But you have some kind of Buffalo that you want to trade..? and there are some Parachute Adams dry flies involved..? Then another guy is talking about his Labradoar retriever, and there was mention of popsicle sticks... (Like the kind that involve frozen Koolaide, and you suck on?) Just trying to come up to an understanding level here.
  9. Alosa Active Member

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    This all sounds pretty consistent with other items I've read on these forums. Nice Work!
  10. coastal cutthroat Member

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    No buffalo, but could I interest you in a house broke wolverine. An if you're keeping your Adams and your female Adams in the same box, no wonder you have a surplus.
  11. xdog Active Member

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    Washington, Alaska and Louisiana
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    Yes! I need that Buffalo! Did you saddle break him? How old? I know how you Bellingham guys need Popsicle sticks what with the gang activity up there, how many sticks do want for him? About 1700?
  12. xdog Active Member

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    Washington, Alaska and Louisiana
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  13. xdog Active Member

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    Washington, Alaska and Louisiana
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    Mother told me when I was young: "son don't feed your fingers to the wolverines" I have never forgotten that day.
    Umm, iksnay on the Adams breedingsnay, o snày?

  14. rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

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    there is some drinking going on here, ha ha.
  15. TD Active Member

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    Don't be greedy... pass it around.
  16. South Fork Active Member

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    In 2009 he was about 8 years old I believe. We the right amount of effort his wolf kicking skills could be ok. I figure if you use him as bait and then take care of the wolves success will be greater.

    While the Pink Pen sounds like a pretty good deal, I am really looking for something better. Knowing full well what this beasts skills are I would have to at least get you for a Eagle Claw fly fishing outfit at least, and maybe be a high roller and ask for the SA Outfit? I don't know, just gonna throw that out there. Gotta move up to the big leagues at some time and the SA Outfit may get me there.
  17. Irafly Active Member

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    I know a guy, let me see what I can swing. He is wicked into the pop sticks so this could really work out.
  18. chrome/22 For him there whould always be the riddle of steel

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    Here is the Buffalo I'd go with....


    As to the wolf problem, just run em over or unload one of the onboard 5.56mm automatics thru a handy gun-port.

  19. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    I'm thinking a three team trade here. You send me a dozen improved gold-ribbed bead-head Chernobyl double bunny rubber legged Adams, I will send 3 over the hill players with expiring contracts, 2 high draft picks, and the ubiquitous player to be named later to another member, and he will send you the buffalo you seek. It will be a win-win-win situation, and we will be the talk of all sports radio shows for the next week.