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  1. So i have a large spool of 8lb fluro. would it be ok to use this a a level leader to my 5x tippit? i am using a DT5Wf line on a fast action rod. Thanks
  2. That's a pretty big reduction in diameter (8 lbs to 4 lbs., so knot strength might be an issue. Other than that, if you're nymphing, I don't why you couldn't use it. If you're casting dries, I'd go a different route.
  3. Thanks Luke

    If i ran the 8lb to a 6lb to 4lb test would that be better? or still not worth the trouble?
  4. Streamers? I have a WF6 intermediate line as well, if i ran the fluoro straight from fly line to fly? Sorry last question. Promise
  5. 8 to 6 to 4 would be much better, yes.

    If you're running an intermediate, a straight piece of fluoro would be fine. It may not be pretty, but casting streamers isn't exactly romantic. :)

    When I toss streamers with my switch, I'll run a straight piece of mono from my sink tip to my fly all the time, so you should be fine.
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  6. DT floating lines kind'a prefer you use either knotted or knot-less tapered leaders. It is assumed you're using a floating line for dry fly fishing or at the very least, nymph fishing that requires a bit of a efficient casting.

    If you're talking about trolling around in stillwaters and not casting to any great degree, than the line/leader/tippet taper doesn't matter that much. However, if you're fishing a river and really don't want to spend time unhooking your fly from the back of your vest, hat or head, due to your leader/tippet set-up, then I think I'd go with some manner of tapered system that steps down in size at a gradual rate.

    Jumping down from 8lb to 4lb is quite a jump so at least, as others have suggested, add some 6lb in-between. Otherwise, remember to always use barbless hooks.
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  7. A lot of folks nymph with a straight tippet leader. It gives a better sink rate than a tapered leader. I like a 4' 20lb butt with perfection loops on both ends. I use the butt section (yellow Amnesia) to hold and turn over a bobber. Then I clinch knot the amount of 3x-5x tippet I want right onto that perfection loop. This simple nymph setup works great with or without a bobber.
  8. See' there are many different ways to use sinking leader. I don't use fluorocarbon leader, I sink my flies with a small "BB" weight. Works for me.
  9. Remember, for casting, it's not about about the breaking strength, it's about the diameter. You said 8lb fluoro, and 5x tippet. If the 5x is is mono, the diameter could be very close. Ideally you don't want to take big step downs in diameter. Having a fluoro leader and a mono tippet could produce strange results. It's certainly not a setup I'd be taking to spring creeks or anything.

  10. What Cruik said. The diameters are the key variable. You an use a double uni knot to connect fluoro to mono, plus widely different diameters.

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