Rigging trout beads?

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  1. I want to start fishing beads but I'm unclear on the rigging. I know the tactic about spacing the bead from the hook about two inches but worry about hooking the fish in the side and stomach and don't want to do that. I may just go with smaller hooks and rig them directly below the bead with no space. Any tips or insight?

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  3. 1 to 1 1/2 inches should do the trick. I beaded quite a bit in Alaska, particularly for Dollies, and was closer to an inch. It was totally effective and would almost always result in the hook getting sucked into the mouth as well as the bead - occasionally there'd be one hooked right on the outside portion of the mouth, but never any further than that.

    If you're fishing the bows in Alaska though, go streamers, the bigger fish are almost always taken on streamers (or mice). Now, for dollies though, glo bugs and beads just can't be beat - they are following the salmon runs up to scarf eggs. I've even heard aggressive dollies will head butt female salmon to get eggs to spit out.
  4. If you are going to fish with gear, use a gear rod. Beads are not fly fishing.
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  5. Mostly going to be targeting sea-runs behind the salmon. May toss them for steelhead as well on a dropper tag.
  6. I knew somebody would say that BS. Should have known WHO as well. LMAO. Thanks for the chuckle OMJ.
  7. All you new guys dont like the old tricks. ;)
  8. "1 to 1 1/2 inches should do the trick. I beaded quite a bit in Alaska, particularly for Dollies, and was closer to an inch."

    Be careful with this, per the regs in AK the bead must be affixed two inches above the hook or free sliding to be legal. This is put into place so that the fish do not swallow the hook. If you put it a couple inches up, it will generally hook them right in the side of the mouth. I do not think this regulation exists in WA, but I would rig it higher either way for the fishes sake.
  9. Well, in most cases I agree. But back in AK this is just simply what they are eating when the salmon are laying eggs. So, I am not sure why this would be any different from nymphing really any other "fly". You are simply matching the hatch with the current egg size/color they are gorging on. I have had them nail one color, and not touch any others. Since I have been fishing in WA, I have not touched a bead and have done well. However, I know what I will likely be using on my fall trip back to AK. Fish on!
  10. Absolutely. You have to fish the right size, color, and if they're being really selective milty or non milty (amount and type of nail polish). It's not brain dead fishing. It's total hatch matching as you said. By the same reckoning people could say swinging flesh flies is not fly fishing, which is equivalent BS.
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  11. match the hatch.
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  13. I tried bead fishing in AK. Managed to do it for about an hour 'til I took the whole setup and tossed into the garbage. Went back to swingin' flesh flies and caught just as many as the guys tossing the bead rigs. Don't know if I was doing it the same as you guys here but with the float, split shot, bead and crap all tied on I didn't find it fly fishing either. "Matching the hatch" isn't something limited to fly rodders and fishing the crap I fished in AK I would have been better off using a bait caster to do it with. They even have a name for the cast used (if you can call it casting), the Kenai Flip. If you like it do it. I don't and I don't.
  14. If you google "pegging" it'll get you in the right direction.
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  15. That may or may not be true depending on how you feel about strap ons. LOL! I should have know better.
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  16. I could of kept my mouth shut, but then again it wouldn't be me. Fly fishing to me is using something to imitate a bug. An egg also a hard bead is not fly fishing. You might as well be using a centerpin reel and going with a noodle rod.
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  17. This can depend on when you were trying this, when the salmon are just getting into the water and laying eggs they are not starting to "decay" yet - so there usually is not much flesh in the water and they are munching eggs. Later in the year when you can see them dead on the banks, you know that the flesh in throughout the river. I absolutely love swinging flesh just past log jams. Usually the big bows know that dying salmon will get caught on the logs and release tasty flesh into thier mouths. :)
  18. If its not cane rod, silk line and gut leader with a dry fly, then you might as well be chuckin' bait from a lawn chair, son!
  19. from now on..... you are a Fake fly fisherman, since you are not using real flies or real bugs as a lure. Calling yourself an imitation fly fisherman will suffice.:D
  20. Are bead head nymphs still flies? If not, I'm a gear fisherman.

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