Rigging trout beads?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Ever since I saw a huge brown scarf a duckling on Pass Lake I've been interested in developing a duckling pattern. This clearly would NOT be fly fishing as a duckling is a water fowl, not a bug - so that would be fowl fishing! Damn, I guess the leopard rainbow I caught on a mouse on the Alagnak wasn't fly fishing either... I suppose that was mammal fishing, or rodent fishing. Yes, rodent fishing. And when I swing baitfish streamers I'm actually fish fishing. Mmmmm... fish fishing, my favorite!
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  2. Not worth mentioning.
  3. The only problem you would have is that all the fish you caught would be "fowl" hooked...
  4. Ahahaha!!! Walking through Pioneer Square laughing my ass off!!! Good one!!!
  5. No, but a bead does classify as a lure, therefore can be used in any water where "selective gear rules" apply. You may not, however use them in "fly fishing only" waters.
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  6. Hm, working out the "skein sac fly" so that it qualifies for FF-only waters per WA regulations. Not that I'd necessarily fish it in WA, but I am guessing it would also qualify as a fly in many other states.
    (tongue in cheek, well, maybe...)

    A lure on which thread, feathers, hackle, or
    yarn cover a minimum of half of the shank of
    the hook. Metallic colored tape, tinsel, mylar, or
    bead eyes may be used as an integral part of
    the design of the fly pattern.

    Fly Fishing Only
    In “Fly Fishing Only” waters,
    an angler may use only the following tackle: up
    to 2 flies, each with a barbless single-point hook,
    not to exceed ½" from point to shank, and a
    conventional fly line (other line may be used for
    backing or leader if attached to at least 25 feet of
    fly line). Anglers may not use fixed spool reels,
    bait, or weight attached to the leader or line.
    Only knotless nets may be used to land fish.

    So far I'm thinking it would be like this:

    Clipped shank with bead, cream marabou attached before the hook clip, light fly line backing 2" long to a stinger hook, stinger hook shank covered with thread at least 1/2 the shank of the hook, and a little more cream marabou.
  7. I think you are mistaken in your understanding of what a "fly" is. It doesn't have to imitate an insect to be considered a "fly".

    I love this thread. It has all of the ingredients to rival the one word thread as worst of the year.
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  9. Oh, somebody already said pretty much the same thing. disregard!

  10. I need a strong sarcasm emoticon... ;)
  11. Ok, you got me.
  12. Whatever became of Ringlee anyway?
  13. He's in AK.
  14. I like the egg cluster pattern that ringlee tied. I prefer very small clusters or single eggs when targeting steelhead.

    Jim- get your Skein Sac Fly in the vise tonite.
  15. I never knew that trout beads were such a hated tactic... I don't see what the big deal is...
  16. Its only a big deal to those that cant catch fish with them.;)

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  18. I hope you're not trolling. You never know what you'll catch down there.

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