Rio Clouser WF Floating Line

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Aug 13, 2007.

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    For the last couple of months I have been using the Rio Clouser WF Floating line when fishing for sea-run cutthroat from my boat. This line was designed to cast heavy/bulky wind resistent flies. It has a 40 1/2 foot head.

    I have been using it to cast Miyawaki Beach Popper and F.T.(floating tube) Sand Lance surface patterns(3-4") which are moderately bulky. I have been very please how far it casts and ability to handle moderate wind conditions. I enjoy a casting style of carrying quite a bit of line in the air with 2 to 3 false casts. Once you get 55 to 60 feet of this line in the air it is pretty easy to "launch" it another 30 feet or so. It will cast as far out as I want to fish a surface pattern. I cheat a little bit as I over line a 6 wt. rod;) . I like this line so well that I am going to buy another one as a backup spare!

    Since I fish from a boat, I don't have to worry about a beach or people;) when carrying a lot of line in the air on the back cast. So it might not work so well when fishing from a beach.

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    I have a six weight clouser line I use on a 697-4 XP and love the distance it gives you. I only let a couple of feet of running line out, not the 14 to 20 you do though... My only observation about this line, and I wouldn't call it a complaint, is that it is extremely clunky on the turnover. Even on a long graceful cast, the energy transfer to the leader and fly is kinda like a sledgehammer! Small price to pay because it really does carry weighted flies on a long light leader very well!

    The outbound, which is a newer design has a shorter head, and is alot smoother in the air with a better turnover. The front taper is twice as long as the clouser line. I have issues with the running line, a highly skilled caster will definitely notice a better ability to control things with the outbound IMO.

    Both are great and if a shopper has the chance, they should test drive both.