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  1. with my outbound line i found it was hard to cast at first.... but the main thing for me was to not start with too much line out and make sure it was near the surface.....
  2. I've been casting the outbound intermediate on my 6wt for 3 years. I agree with you, it does cast differently than other lines. It took me 3 outings trying different strokes and hauls before I started to get it right. My first 2 outings I thought I had made a mistake and wasted money with that I love it. Good thing I am cheap, so I kept at it, determined not to have squandered the cash.

    What worked for me: keep working at it until I got the right combination and feel for it. Slow your initial stroke down, accelerate later than you would with a wt forward; open up / lengthen your arc; turn and watch your back cast until you can translate the timing into a feeling in the rod. On the last back cast, let a couple of feet of running line slip into the back cast, and your rod should load deep. I also use a bit of a longer haul on the final forward cast, but don’t start until past the 12 O’clock position.
  3. Steve,

    I'm not loosing hope on this line. I went out this morning to practice, it was very windy and I was impressed when I was punching through the wind. It's starting to make sense to me now. I'm sure once my timing is found, this will be an amazing line.
  4. Timely thread. Lots of good advice here. Thanks everyone for all the useful tips on casting the Outbound. I was having some of the same problems discussed, in switching from a regular clear intermediate full-sinker to an Outbound clear intermediate, using my 9' 6wt TFO Series One, which isn't as stiff as their higher end rods. I'm still learning how to better cast this line. These pointers make a lot of sense, and have given me something to work with on improving my cast.:thumb:

    snbrundage, What would you call a woman who straps on a stripping basket?:rofl:
  5. Anyone here who is using \ has used the outbound have a chance to compare it with the Airflo Forty Plus? I've been trying that line and have been impressed so far, but plan to outfit my other rod with the Rio soon.
  6. Do some research on Casting Shooting heads, and most importantly the Belgian Cast. You need to treat it like you would a heavy sinktip. A standard tight loop high speed backcast is not your friend with this line. The weight of the line alone is enough to load the road perfectly. You only need to straighten the line behind you and then smoothly accelerate forward. The difference between an eight weight outbound and a 30 foot leadcore LC13 shooting is only 50 to 70 grains! treat it the same way.

    And yes, in my opinion, the running line sucks... WAY too fine. Slips between the frame of some the reels I use it with, and we're talking high end saltwater reels, not cheapo cast reels. Tangles way too easy. But until the running line wears out, I'm too lazy to splice on the good stuff...
  7. I have several of both and do like the 40+ better. It has thinner, slicker, less coily running line so I can cast it further and it needs less stretching. I think the tapers may be a little different too, but I can't really comment on that - I haven't noticed a difference there. The biggest thing for me is the running line. They are both great beach lines, but my vote goes to the airflo version.
  8. Thanks! Yes, I liked the running line so far. No need for stretching. But so far, I've only used it on warm days...

  9. Scratch my head on that one; why change if you're impressed and like the line you're using? :confused:
  10. Because I haven't tried and have been hearing good reviews. What's wrong with trying them out myself and THEN deciding what one I like best going forward? Besides, I'm still new to it. It is only early impressions...

    ....then again, maybe you just have dandruff???
  11. :D :D :D just funnin

    When you do give a report of what you think of that line.
  12. There's nothing wrong with trying one out; the two lines are so similar, integrated shooting heads with running lines, but I guess it's no big deal if you have $60 to burn . . . :confused:

    It's all good. Hey, helps the shop guys stay in biz! :beer2:
  13. You have to mean this in jest.

    Looks like Les, Preston, Bob Young, Leland, Stonefish, Dan Blanton, Bob Popovics, et al and all of you other myriad experienced beach and saltwater fishers (and even me!) still using stripping baskets need dragged in to modern times . . . :confused:

    Standing the water with tide and debris swirling around a person's legs, guaranteed you won't be getting the no false-casting 80 to 90 foot cast without the stripping basket! :beathead:

    I guess for some folks it's better to be macho and look cool by not using a stripping basket rather than not fish effectively . . . hey, but to each their own! :beer2:
  14. :beathead:

    $60 to burn? I have a 7wt rod I got specifically for beach fishing that needs a line. My old 6wt with the 40+ line is fine, but I like the 9.5ft 7wt for salmon and I also like having 2 rods strung up - 1 with a floater for surface\shallow water fishing, and one with an intermediate line. So it's $60 that will be spent either way. :confused:

    Sheesh - don't you have anything better to do than bust my chops??? :hmmm:

    Ok, I know what's going on... you have signed up for the Old Man Jim Curmudgeon apprenticeship program. Looks like you are going to graduate with honors! :rofl:
  15. Just stick with it! You'll have it down in a few days on the water and the you'll love it. I remember my first day with an Outbound line; a lot of swearing!

    Stretch the living daylights out of the line EVERY time you use it!

    Make sure that a foot or so of the "head Portion" is inside your tiptop on your last backcast or your line will hing badly and feel all wanky....

    Slow down your cast, really feel that rod load. It was designed to require very little aerialized line for long casts and then a big "shoot" at the end. Let the line do the work.

    Once you get the rythym, you'll love the line.

    Stretch, Stretch, Strech every use!
  16. Stripping baskets rock. I use mine everywhere - beach, boat, river, wherever.
  17. Les,

    Great advice! I too found that letting some line shot back on the backcast helps to throw this line!
  18. Les,

    I'm confused by your statement which was:
    Here's my confusion:

    Given your Jim Teeny TFO 10', 7-weight, a Rio Outbound box-marked 7-wt has a 37.5 foot head with a weight of 275 grains. AFTMA for a 7-wt is 177-193 grains. You're already at an AFTMA 10-wt (270-290 grains) just with a box-marked 7-wt line. Are you saying "bump it up" to mean go to a Rio Outbound box-marked 8-wt (330 grain head or AFTMA 11-wt) or "bump it up" by going down one box-marked line weight to a Rio Outbound 6-wt (240 grain head or AFTMA 9-wt)? Your statement was that you were "using a 250 grain line of this type...and it cast pretty nicely." Rio's advertising for the Outbound line states "...Designed to load high performance rods quickly with few false casts because the 37.5 ft head is heavier than the AFTMA standards...." I assume you meant go down one line weight to a box marked 6-wt since your 250 grain line "...cast pretty nicely..."

    I quit screwing around with the latest and greatest saltwater lines several years ago and now stick to 30' shooting heads in the salt - roll cast to get the head and overhang out, single back cast (shooting into the backcast for distance if needed) and then let 'er fly. The other advantage is quick change between floating, intermediate and various sink rates as conditions or fly choice dictate not to mention ability to cast with limited backcasting distance given sharp sloping terrain (or people at PNP.) It works for me and I certainly don't mean to say that others will enjoy them as I do.
  19. Shitsa...everybody should dedicate the month of August to Double Taper Floating Lines only and use split shots/leader lengths/weighted flies/etc. to adjust to the differences. And learn how to roll cast too! So many options today and so few yesterday, So much bitchin today and so much I'll make it work yesterday. Whatever.. just cast it :hmmm: :beer2: :beer2:
  20. Sheesh, dude, not busting your chops!

    It seems so tough for a person to find a line thye like (see how this thread initially started). In my first post I was just perplexed on why a person would change from a line with which they were impressed to try out a similar but different brand line with which other folks were having issues, and I was asking why you were doing it.

    Like, although you were/are impressed with the Airflo, is there something about it that isn't satisfying you for you to try the Outbound? Does it not turn over, is the running line to kinky, or . . . ? Heck, you just might want to try a new brand of line. I'm just curious why you're trying a new line; this whole thread is about educating folks on the Outbound and other similar lines, and if there is something deficient to you about the Airflo it might be a point of interest for someone considering that line.

    Just curious.

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