FS Rio Slickshooter Shooting Line, 35# And 50#

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  1. I have 4 brand new rolls of 115' SlickShooter. $8 each including shipping or buy all 4 for $25, and I throw in the shipping.

    Memory free and non-tangling shooting line!

    RIO SlickShooter

    running line is designed for longer casts without all the tangling or kinking common with other running lines. It works well for all shooting head applications, single-hand or spey. Great for bluewater application as well, think Cabo or Albacore!

    super hard

    , slick finish

    nylon shooting line, with no memory after being stretched and an extremely low coefficient of friction for long distance casts. Available in 35 lb (15.9 kg) and 50 lb (22.7 kg) spools. Length is 115 ft (35 m). RIO recommends the 35lb on spey heads between 350 and 550 grains and the 50lb on heads heavier than 600 grains.

    Put this on your
    RIO Skagit

    AFS Shooting Head,

    and let 'er rip to catch the big boys (and girls)!


    • Weights: 35# or 50#
    • Type of Taper: Floating Shooting Line
    • Total Length: 115'
    • Core: Oval-shaped nylon
    • Coating: Super-hard SlickShooter
    • Color: RIO Yellow (50#) or Orange (35#)

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  2. 1 roll of 50# and 2 of the 35# remain...
  3. PM sent on 50#
  4. All the 50# Slickshooter is gone, but I have 3 rolls of the 35# (Orange) remaining. Make me an offer for all three or still $8 bucks a roll shipped to you. Thanks.
  5. I'll take the remaining roles. PM Sent
  6. Everything is SOLD, thanks everyone for the interest

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