Rio Trout LT Line For My New Redington Classic 4Wt ?

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  1. I'm considering one of these in a double taper design for my new 8' 4wt Redington Classic rod. In doing a little research for reviews on it, I found that there is an opinion (and perhaps evidence) that Rio actually has their own way of rating these lines; if it says it is a 4wt, it actually is a 5wt, if AFTMA standards are used. Does anybody have experience with these (especially with a CT rod)...and care to comment? If this has been discussed elsewhere on these pages, could you point me to the thread?
  2. I loaded the Trout LT DT2F as well as the WF2F on my 2wt CT and the DT was IMO the better of the two lines. The WF2F line seemed a little heavy and over loaded the rod. I loaded my Orvis Hydros 4wt (tip flex) with Rio WF4F trout LT which loaded the rod perfectly however I would consider the Hydros closer to a traditional 5wt than a 4wt. Your best option may be to "test drive" some lines at your local fly shop to see which line works best with your rod.
  3. Rio's great about giving detailed info on their line weights and taper shape. Their chart for the LT in DT4F shows 120 gr. The WF4F also shows 120 gr. 120 gr. is right in the middle of the AFTMA 4wt window.
  4. The Rio Grand line is a 1/2 weight heavy, the Gold a few grains. The LT series is dead-on the AFTMA weight standard for the first 30 feet (which is the standard point of measurement). Go to the Rio website and click on the details for each line.
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  5. That line should be great on that rod especially the DT, Rio is pretty much right on with there AFTMA line weights, IMO.
  6. If you want that line take a quick look at the Madison River fly Company discount lines tab---you can pick it up for ~$34. I will probably pick up a DT for my two weight---to replace a very old line.
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  7. $9 shipping for a fly line from Ennis to Missoula?!?! I'm sure RIO LT is a good deal at $43, but I'll pass on these guys.
  8. Wow, that's a good deal. I wonder if that model is being closed out by Rio?
  9. I was a big fan of the Rio selective trout lines in the DT (chartreuse) and I'm sure the LT's are as good, but they seem to only come in camo type colors which I don't like, when fishing small dries I need to use my line as a reference point so I have some idea where my fly is.... but then my eye's aren't as good as they once were.
  10. Also a big fan of the Selective Trout lines. I have had the opportunity to cast the Selective Trout WF and the LT WF side by side on the same rod. Actually I tried it side by side on a couple of different rods. The LT feels a bit lighter due to the much longer front taper. Their actual weight may or may not be the same but just like a rod weight is much less important than the taper.
    In any case I liked the LT and think it is particularly well suited for lighter weight rods due to its extended front taper.

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  11. TC, I've heard the Rio LT and a few other line manufacturing company's are basically coming out with their own versions
    of the Wollf TT lines with the extended front your opinion, do you think this is what they are trying to achieve? I've always used DT lines on my lighter line weight rods (med action) and have not cast a TT line, but have heard they are great on slower rods. Just wondering if you've compared the two. Thanks,

  12. I agree with Tim and Mark. The Selective Trout series were a more conventional taper, much like SA Mastery Trout (now also discontinued) and even the Cortland peach lines. The LT has a long front taper, much like a Wulff Triangle Taper. Consequently, they load slower rods better. They also roll cast the length of the head amazingly well. I especially like them on glass and cane rods. They might also work on medium action graphite, but personally I wouldn't put them on anything faster. For faster graphite, I tend to like more aggressive tapers with more of the weight in the front of the taper, like a Rio Gold.
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  13. I haven't cast a Wullf TT line in over 20 years and I haven't found a fully dimensioned profile of the TT. I have only seen the overall shape with the full line length including running line but it is apparent that the design goals and implementation are similar. Both the TT and LT have an extended constant decreasing front taper for positive turnover and delicate presentation which results in an increasing weight bias towards the rear of the head for efficient roll/spey casting and mending.

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  14. I know that switching from Rio Gold to a Wulff TT on my CT dramatically improved my casting, mending, and fishing in general. If the LT has a similar profile I'll probably look into that in the future and would recommend it to others.
  15. FWIW, I have a Wulff TT 3wt that was the first line I tried on my new-but-not-yet-fished CT 8036. I was disappointed in that it took quite a bit of line through the tiptop before I could feel the rod start to work. In contrast, that's why I like the same line with a very slow cane rod like my 1973 Hardy Marvel.

    Getting feedback on the rod loading early in the casting stroke is important to me which is why I like a more aggressive (and heavier) line on the CT like the DT4F SA GPX.

  16. I'm going to try my 4 wt WF floaters on my 4-piece 8'6" 3 wt when it gets here. I ordered a 3 wt DT "Prestige Plus" line on sale for $30 from Cabela's the other day.
    I didn't have a salt-resistant reel in that size, so i caved in and ordered a Redington Drift click-pawl in the 3/4 size. Had to be back-ordered.
    Until the new stuff gets here, I'll be testing the rod out (should get here first) with my Medalist 1492 1/2 and the 4 wt olive-green WF floater that came with it. Not sure what that one is.
    I also have a WF 4 wt Prestige Plus line that came with a 4 wt 8' Traditional combo that I bought a few years ago.

    This is for those of us that might be looking for a cheaper line. I'll be trying all three lines on the rod. I hope that the 3 wt DT I ordered loads it up OK.
  17. I am going to have to get yet another floating line, probably a 4 wt, for the LL Bean Pocket Water click/pawl 3/4/5 that I ordered, but I am waiting until I conduct more research. I plan to not skimp on price, but actually buy the best line that I can.
    I am going to cast all my appropriate lines on each of my 4 wts, as well as my new CT863 when it gets here, although I suspect that won't really help me figure things out.

    I almost bought a Wulff TT, but decided against it after reading a review of this line on Sexy Loops, where the reviewer made some interesting comments. I won't try to paraphrase any of the review. You can dig it upon their site.

    I'm tempted just to go for a $50 deal on the Rio LT in a 4 wt DT, with free shipping.
  18. I decided to suck up the heavy shipping charge and get the WF6 LT from MRFC. Still the best deal I can find on this line. Can't wait to test out my new 6wt big dry fly machine this spring when the skwalas start popping!
  19. I decided to hold off until I see how my current lines work with the new CT. It shipped from the E coast on Sat.
  20. Jim, that L.L. Bean reel looks really nice! I've been looking for a click pawl reel for my 3 and 4 wt CT rods as well. The Pocket Water is now on the list!

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